Lecturers School of Business

Professor Ronald Tuninga

Prof. Ronald S.J. Tuninga is Vice President Academic Affairs at Wittenborg, Professor of International Business at the HAN, the Netherlands, Professor Emeritus at Kingston University London, UK, and Honorary Dean at AVT Business School in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Kingston Business School, London, … read more.

Rauf Abdul, PhD, Head School of Business

Abdul Rauf, PhD, holds a PhD in Human Resource Management from the University of Twente, the Netherlands, in addition to an MBA and MSc in Business. He was actively involved in Human Resource Management and business consultancy and with his family business before starting his current teaching and academic research career. His main focus in research is on issues related to… read more.

Lasantha De Silva, MBA, MA, DIMM, Head of Operations

Lasantha De Silva, MBA, MA, DIMM, originally from the banking sector, had a career change to Education in 2008. He comes with a strong managerial background in South Asia, the Middle East and Europe. An alumnus of Wittenborg and University of York St. John, UK, he qualified with an MBA in Finance from the former and MA in Leadership, Innovation and Change… read more.

Adeyemi Banjo, MSc, MBA, Senior Lecturer

Adeyemi Banjo, MSc, MBA, comes from a multidisciplinary background. He first graduated from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, in 1991, with a BSc in Psychology. After working for a couple of years, he decided to further his studies and was able to obtain degrees in informatics and engineering management from Saxion, the Netherlands, a master’s in Business Administration (MBA… read more.

Dadi Chen, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Dadi Chen, PhD, is presently a senior lecturer at Wittenborg and the Programme Coordinator at the Amsterdam campus. He obtained a PhD degree in education from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and received his master’s degree in Foreign Linguistics & Applied Linguistics from Xi'an Jiaotong University, China. He is a highly motivated educator, researcher, and project… read more.

Teun Wolters, PhD, Professor of Applied Sciences

Teun Wolters, PhD, is an economist, researcher and consultant active in the acquisition of national and EU research and implementation projects, followed up by project management, field research and operating as editor and writer of books and articles. As an independent consultant… read more.

Leo Dana, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Leo Dana, PhD, started at Wittenborg in 2019. Previously, he was an employee of McGill University and Concordia in Montreal, Canada, and deputy director of the IB MBA at Nanyang, Singapore. He is also Professor at Montpellier Business School, France, and a member of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation chair, which is part of LabEx Entrepreneurship - University of Montpellier… read more.

Daniel O' Connell

Daniel O'Connell entered into his father's business of bookstore and ordinance surveyor supplier in Ireland after completion of his secondary education. In 1979, Daniel moved to California and worked as a graphic photographer for a now-defunct company named Ananda Publications. After in-house training and work-experience in Graphic Photography in the USA in the later part of… read more.

Joop Remmé, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Joop Remmé, PhD, graduated from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in Philosophy. From his competence and within a network of professionals, he offers services around stakeholder management, Code of Conduct/Corporate Values and Integrity Management. He is experienced in creating and facilitating learning networks and stakeholder networks, also experienced at… read more.

Gabor Molnar, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Gabor Molnar, PhD, is currently a Senior Lecturer at Wittenborg, a Silicon Flatirons Fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder, US, and serves as the Evangelist of Video Service and Science Evangelist at Divitel. He is also associated with e-Conomics as a consultant. The clients of his consulting practice include Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, as well as governments. Gabor… read more.

Muhammad Ashfaq, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Muhammad Ashfaq, PhD, has an extensive international background in management, finance and Islamic ecosystem spanning over 10 years. He was awarded two consecutive scholarships during his banking and finance studies at Hailey College of Banking & Finance, University of the Punjab, Pakistan. He graduated with an MBA from Coburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany,… read more.

Yasmina Khadir-Poggi, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Yasmina Khadir-Poggi, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at Nyenrode Business University, the Netherlands, and a visiting lecturer at Wittenborg where she focuses on International Business and Management studies. Her teaching experience is extensive, spanning… read more.

Gilbert Silvius, PhD

Gilbert Silvius, PhD, is an experienced lecturer, researcher and consultant, with a focus on project management and information management. He has over 20 years’ experience in organisational change and IT projects and is a member of the international enable2change network. Gilbert has published over a 100 academic papers and several books, and supervises academic research at… read more.

Doron Zilbershtein, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Doron Zilbershtein, PhD, graduated from North Central University, US, in Business Administration with specialisation in Industrial/Organisational Psychology. He is a dedicated educator with more than 20 years of experience teaching the hybrid method online, as well as teaching face to face classes utilising the Blended Learning/Socratic method. He has a proven track record of… read more.

Abu Manju, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Abu Manju, PhD, graduated with his first degree in Statistics, then completed an MSc in Statistics at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, followed by a PhD in Biostatistics at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, in 2016. His doctoral thesis considered the development and application of statistical methods for optimally designing the nested cost-… read more.

George Bosire, MBA, Lecturer

George Bosire, MBA, is a highly analytical, adaptable and result-driven individual who believes in cross-border business integration and linkages that promote shared long-term advantages amongst players in an increasingly connected global business. He attained a certified Public Accountancy qualification in Kenya, Financial Management in Dublin, Ireland, Finance and Control in… read more.

Roland Ritmeester, MBA, Lecturer

Roland Ritmeester, MBA, started in the education industry at the publishers Elsevier, the Netherlands, first as a sales executive and then as content developer and trainer. In his career as a business developer, consultant, and manager, he develops and gives training and workshops, and has worked as a part-time lecturer at universities of applied sciences, most recently… read more.

Tanya Dimitrova, MA, Lecturer

Tanya Dimitrova, MA, gained her MA in Marketing and Management in 1999 from the University of National and World Economics, Sofia, Bulgaria, and in 2011 she attained a Diploma in Digital Marketing from London CAM Foundation, UK. She is a lecturer at Holland University of Applied… read more.

Emmah Nyambura Muchoki, MSc, Lecturer

Emmah Muchoki, MSc, studied Leisure, Tourism and Environment at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and attained her BSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management in 2007. She became a lecturer at Hemland College, Kenya, in Hospitality and Tourism in 2010, and from 2014 to 2016, she was Head of School of Hospitality, Tourism and Foreign Languages at Hemland College. Emmah is… read more.

René Rijnders, MSc, Programme Coordinator

René Rijnders, MSc, has worked for the Dutch Board of the Hotel and Catering Industry for many years, focusing on Labour Market Research, Food Safety and Future Hospitality. He has participated in a number of publications on using the Design Thinking approach in concept development in hospitality. In 2013, he entered into teaching at Saxion Hospitality Business School, the… read more.

Wim Oonk, MBA, Lecturer

Wim Oonk, MBA, graduated from the London Business School, UK, with a Master of Business Administration. Throughout his varied career, he has accomplished many developments, training, and consultancy assignments within the financial, industrial, commercial and public sectors. He is used to developing, preparing, and executing training according to the… read more.

Fjorentina Muco, MSc

Fjorentina Muco, MSc, graduated from university with a master’s degree in Methodology, "Teaching English Through Multiple Intelligences" in 2004. Since then, she has worked in the teaching and business sectors for 20 years. Her passion and enthusiasm for these 2 worlds made her travel in Europe where she taught English and Business Communication skills to people for either… read more.

Marjon van Opijnen, MSc, MA, Lecturer

Marjon van Opijnen, MSc, MA   obtained her MSc in Business Science from Radboud University, the Netherlands, in 1996 and took a second MA in Applied Ethics in 2009 at Utrecht University, also in the Netherlands. Her main professional focus is social sustainability and justice… read more.

Alexander Bauer, PhD

Alexander Bauer, PhD, has more than a decade of international sales and management experience. Before he joined academia in 2014, he worked as an International Sales Manager – leading global sales teams, conducting negotiations on a global level with customers and suppliers in North and South America, Europe and Asia. He studied Business Management with a major in Marketing… read more.

Marc de Jong, MA, Lecturer

Marc de Jong, MA, graduated in 1991 with an MA in International Relations & German Language at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Specialising in West-German unification policy in the 1980s, he did a traineeship at the German Parliament during the exciting unification process from 1989 to 1990. He received a scholarship from the Germany Institute in Amsterdam,… read more.

Arie T. Barendregt, PhD, Lecturer

Arie T. Barendregt, PhD, has been active in business-to-business sales and marketing management since 1980 all over Europe as well as the US. After completing his postgraduate marketing NIMA-C in 1994, Arie finished his MBA with distinction at Kingston University, UK, in 1996, studying how a medium-size packaging printing company could make a successful market entry into the… read more.

Andreas Ooijer, MSc, Lecturer

Andreas Ooijer, MSc, graduated from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He is a passionate lecturer, who develops and teaches courses and in-company workshops based on 15+ years of business experience. Developing and teaching bachelor's and master's courses, academic supervision of bachelor's thesis projects, developing course manuals, designing exams and… read more.

Mariví Martinez Brocca, MSc, Lecturer & Process Tutor

Marivi Martinez Brocca, MSc, graduated in Law and, despite originally intending to become a tax inspector, she changed her professional direction to work as a language teacher. She has taught in Spain, the French Antilles, Portugal and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, she has taught in various institutions and private schools, such as the Hogeschool voor Economische… read more.

Bert Meeuwsen, MBA, MEd, Senior Lecturer

Bert Meeuwsen, MBA, MEd, was LtCol reserve in the Royal Netherlands Airforce and obtained the Senior Military Staff Officers Course certificate from the Dutch Ministry of Defence. He graduated with an MBA and Master of Education from LOI University, the Netherlands, and Driestar University, the Netherlands, respectively. He also holds various certificates such as PGCert.… read more.

Peter Saes, MA, Lecturer

Peter Saes, MA, graduated from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with an MA Ling, from the University of Nottingham, UK, with an MA Eng. Studies, and from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (TTC), the Netherlands. Peter has two businesses of his own in language acquisition and services and develops language learning courses. He also has an army background as a… read more.

Bob Dyson

Bob Dyson graduated from the University of Manchester, UK, in Management Sciences. He subsequently attended the Small Business School in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He has held several senior management and directors' positions in international companies. He now works as a consultant with Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners where he advises companies and… read more.

Hans van Halteren, Lecturer

Hans van Halteren, is an expert in training and guiding teacher/management teams who are in the process of implementation of competence-based learning. He has consulting experience in education management and is specialised in business and commercial-related education and practical education. Designer of the 'College Company' concept, Hans has a creative mind… read more.

Lucinda Douglas

Lucinda Douglas works in the field of sales, and is an inspirational speaker and talkshow host. She is often hired by companies to conduct Sales Symposia, and also hired by entrepreneurs and networks to speak on Yes You Can achieve your goals. Lucinda also helps entrepreneurs with visibility. Lucinda has written various books, from bestsellers in the US to… read more.

Marco Mossinkoff, PhD

Marco Mossinkoff, PhD, holds a PhD in branding and marketing strategy from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a master's degree in general economics from the same university and a bachelor's degree in mathematics and statistics from the University of Florence in Italy. He is currently associate professor at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute of the Amsterdam University… read more.

Roy Mouawad, PhD

Roy Mouawad, PhD, is based in Barcelona, Spain and is a lecturer at Wittenborg. He holds a PhD and Master of Research in Management Sciences. He collaborates with several universities and business schools such as ESADE Business School, Toulouse Business School, ESB Business School and Geneva Business School. Roy teaches courses related to Leadership and People Management,… read more.

Mark Swiecicki, MA, Lecturer

Mark Swiecicki, MA has over 25 years' experience in Programme Management, Change Management, Strategy and Consulting experience in Electronics, Embedded Computing, Government and Industrial enterprises. His experience covers many countries including the US, Germany, France and the UK. He has successfully led two in-house start-ups. He is… read more.

Fahad Shakeel, MBA

Fahad Shakeel, MBA, has recently completed his PhD in Ethical Leadership from Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, where he has also been teaching the subjects "Academic Skills" and "Qualitative Research Methods" to undergraduate students. He is the course module leader and lecturer for the course "High-performance Leadership" at Wittenborg. Fahad stresses… read more.

Selcuk Yaglikci, MBA, Lecturer

Selcuk Yaglikci, MBA, a graduate of Marmara University in Economics with an MBA from Maryville University, U.S, has worked in the FMCG sector for over 20 years. He started his career at the Unilever sales department in 1994, then moved to the Coca-Cola Company where he held various types of marketing roles. He… read more.

Egon Zank, MBA

Egon Zank, MBA, has more than two decades of professional training, teaching and coaching experience. He guides global acting engineering, pharmaceutical and car manufacturing organisations on their operational and organisational development journeys.
Egon holds a diploma in Business Administration specialised in international management from Augsburg University of Applied Science.… read more.

Amy M. Abdou, MA

Amy Abdou, MA, attained her MA degree majoring in Migration and Ethnic Studies from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in December 2003. In 2001, she graduated from the University at Albany, US, with an MA in Sociology. In 2003, Amy started her career as a programme manager at the University of Amsterdam, and in 2008 she became the Project Coordinator of the… read more.

Maryam Sharifi, PhD, Lecturer

Maryam Sharifi, PhD, holds a PhD in Management Studies from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), as well as a Master of Industrial Engineering from INP Grenoble (France) and an MBA from Amirkabir University of Technology Tehran (Iran). Maryam’s expertise is in the area of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management. For her PhD studies, Maryam… read more.

Vladimir Dzenopoljac, PhD

Vladimir Dzenopoljac, PhD, is Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. He is teaching Corporate Entrepreneurship at Wittenborg. Vladimir also teaches Strategic Management at United Arab Emirates University, UAE. Previously, he was the Associate Professor and the Director of MBA programme at the College of Business Administration,… read more.

Michael Epping

Michael Epping completed a one-year trainee programme as Financial Consultant at Prudential Securities Inc. in Philadelphia, US, after studying Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany. Afterwards, he worked as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch International Banking Group in Munich focusing on asset… read more.

Muhammad Asif, PhD

Muhammad Asif, PhD, started his career in industrial pharmaceutical manufacturing as a Quality Assurance Officer. During his job at a German multinational pharmaceutical company, he developed an interest in various quality management models and their strategic applications to achieve superior operational performance. To further pursue his passion in this field, he did a master… read more.

Jan Hendrik Hoekjen, PhD

Jan Hendrik Hoekjen, PhD, graduated from Universiteit van Groningen, "MA History – Cultural History" in 2012. He obtained his doctoral degree in 2018 from the Universiteit van Utrecht. His dissertation was about ‘Pars melior nostri. The Structure of Spinoza’s Intellect’. (Analysis of the instrumental and structural importance of the notion ‘intellect’ in Spinoza’s metaphysics… read more.

Sascha Liebhardt, MA, Campus Director Munich Campus

Sascha Liebhardt, MA, MA, gained a master’s in International Relations, and also a master’s in business administration with a specialisation in Marketing. Since finishing his studies, he has held senior management responsibilities in several industries: Advertising and Media, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Education. Sascha… read more.

Taoufik Samaka, DBA

Taoufik Samaka, DBA, is a procurement and operations professional who, since 2001, has held managerial positions in the renowned telecom corporates sector with assignments mainly in emerging markets. He is Adjunct Professor for MBA programmes at Webster University. At Wittenborg, Taoufik holds the position of Senior Lecturer. He holds DBA and EMBA degrees from Toulouse… read more.

Rob Spape, MBA

Rob Spape MBA, gained his MBA degree in 1995 from P.U.C. Limburg, Belgium. From 1987 to 1988, he studied Business Economics in Tilburg University. He studied Business Engineering & Management Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology, 1983-1989. In 1988, Rob started work in KPMG International as a consultant. In 1990 he became a consultant in small to… read more.

Michael Schindl, PhD

Michael Schindl, PhD, is a lecturer at New European College, Germany, teaching Change Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Ethics. He holds a doctorate in Law from University of Vienna, Austria, and a Master in Economic Science from Wirtschafts Universität, … read more.

Samer Ajour El Zein, PhD

Samer Ajour, PhD, holds a doctorate in Business Administration from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2020), a master's degree in Finance and Economics Sciences from the Pompeu Fabra University (2011), a master's degree in Business Administration and Management from the International University of Southern Europe, Spain, and a bachelor's degree in Economics and… read more.

Barbara Doninger MA

Barbara Doninger, MA, graduated from the University of Interpretation and Translation in Vienna in translation. She teaches French language courses on three levels from beginner to advanced.

Natália Leal, PhD

Natália Leal, PhD, is an Executive and Life Coach. She has over 20 years’ work experience across different countries and sectors, from academia and research, to policy making and NGO management: she is the former Chief Executive of WFTO and a former Lecturer at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Natália holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of… read more.

Thomass K. Hamann, PhD

Thomas K. Hamann, PhD, earned his doctorate in Cultural Dynamics: On Safeguarding Orchestras from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He is at present the Executive Director of his own company at T. K. Hamann Gesellschaft mbH in Munich, Germany. Thomas has… read more.

Rashedul Hasan, PhD

Rashedul Hasan, PhD, completed his PhD in 2018, focusing on Corporate Governance issues for a non-profit organisation. He is also a CIMA member and holds the designation of ACMA, CGMA. His research interest includes corporate governance dynamics, performance, and risk management aspects of financial institutions, sustainability, and accountability issues. Rashedul serves… read more.

Anne-Marie Filip-Beil, PhD

Anne-Marie Filip-Beil, PhD, is a senior lecturer and as such is responsible for modules on quantitative and research methods. She holds a PhD in Mathematics from Duke University, US, and an MSc in Mathematics-Mechanics from the University of Bucharest, Romania. Besides her appointment at Wittenborg, Anne-Marie is a senior lecturer at New European College and a lecturer at the… read more.

Tina Huesing, PhD, Lecturer

Tina Huesing, PhD, holds a PhD in global leadership and an MBA. Next to her appointment at Wittenborg, she is a senior lecturer at New European College, Germany, and senior consultant at Wyrmwood Consulting.  Previously, she taught at the University of Auckland, New Zealand,… read more.

Maria Chalevelaki, PhD

Maria Chalevelaki holds a PhD in Linguistics with a specialisation in Semiotics. Her doctoral dissertation explored fashion industry branding using the tools of semiotics at the Université Lyon II, France. For several years, Maria taught semiology and visual culture in the Department of Communication at Lyon II Lumière University and in the Department of Graphic Design of… read more.

First and Last Name, Degree Title(s), Position

Romy Buchheim, graduated from Reinwardt Academy in Conservation of Cultural Heritage from the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, in Theory of Education. She is a certified interpreter of Dutch/Italian and translator of Dutch/Italian for ITV Hogeschool Utrecht, the Netherlands, experienced in freelance services for translation, interpreting, editing/proofreading,… read more.

Bojan Georgievski, PhD

Bojan Georgievski, PhD, earned his doctorate in Economic Sciences from the University of St Ciril & Methodius in Macedonia, in 2011. He is an assistant professor and researcher at several different universities both in Macedonia and Kuwait. He has a combined teaching experience of 6 years, and a combined professional experience in 3 different industries of over 15 years… read more.

Vijay Kochar, PhD

Vijay Kochar, PhD, holds a PhD in Interdisciplinary Design from Cambridge University. He is multilingual and has travelled extensively throughout his professional life. He has experience working in India, Australia, the US, Belgium, France, Germany and the UK. His key competences are in the area of customer, employee and results orientation, strategic agility,… read more.

Eike Fesefeldt, PhD

Eike Fesefeldt, PhD, studied law at the Philipps-Universität Marburg after graduating from the Gymnasium in 2004,. Between 2010 and 2012, he did an LL.M. at the Victoria-University of Wellington NZ. From 2010 to 2015, he wrote a PhD dissertation at the Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany. He became a judge at the District Court of Stuttgart, and from 2017 to 2019, he worked… read more.

Timo Haatanen, MSc, MBA

Timo Haatanen, MSc, MBA, obtained his Master of Science in Management & Certificate in Global Management from Stanford University Graduate School of Business in California in 2008. Before that, he earned his MBA in Finance and International Management and Bachelor of Business Administration from University of San Diego. He is a passionate educator & lecturer committed… read more.

Georg Brüderl, PhD

Georg Brüderl, PhD, has been a Sales & Marketing Executive Business Leader for many years, managing large businesses. He has more than 30 years’ work experience in the semiconductors & electronics industry with a track record in electronic engineering, economy and corporate management. His specialties are wide-ranging in the areas of leadership, people development,… read more.

Veronica Stivala, MSc, Lecturer

Veronica Stivala, MSc, has been teaching for almost 20 years. Her areas of expertise include Academic and Business English and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. She is also an editor and freelance journalist and writer. Veronica also performs and writes for the theatre. She has written comedy sketches for a children's puppet show and is a regular performer and… read more.

Hashem Zarafat, PhD

Hashem Zarafat, PhD, is a freelance trainer, business researcher, and lecturer teaching a wide range of interdisciplinary and related courses such as finance, investment, entrepreneurship, venture capital & private equity, management research methods in business schools in Munich, Germany. As an award-winning lecturer and a mentor, he has successfully trained many local… read more.

Matthias Klaeffling, PhD

Matthias Klaeffling, PhD, is a macroeconomist by training. Having studied economics and econometrics at the universities of Montpellier, Madrid, Bonn, and Harvard, he also was a visiting researcher at the Institute for Empirical Macroeconomics at the Minneapolic Fed, the St. Louis Fed, the ECB, ZEI, and the Finance Department at the LSE. Matthias has worked in… read more.

Conor Sheehan, PhD

Conor Sheehan, PhD, graduated from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, after which he moved to London to pursue his initial career in 'rooms division management' at Claridge's Hotel and subsequently two other luxury west-end outlets. Later, he made the move into hospitality education at Westminster College where he taught human resource management and applied hospitality business… read more.

Ineke Vermeulen, Lecturer

Ineke Vermeulen graduated with a master’s degree and worked first as a developer, portfolio manager and global marketing strategist for over a decade for Siemens and currently Atos. Since 2013, she has also been dedicated to inspiring and motivating students to improve their chances in the market, specifically in the areas of IT Governance, Organisational Behaviour and… read more.

Ingmar Niemann, MA, Lecturer

Ingmar Niemann, MA, has more than two decades of teaching experience at different universities in Germany and Europe and as a speaker at companies, political foundations and political parties. He holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy, Japanese Studies and Law from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany, and a Diploma in Political Science from Hochschule für… read more.

André de Waal, PhD

André de Waal, PhD, graduated from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in Economics. As an independent consultant, he focuses on performance management and high-performance organisations. He has been teaching and conducting projects in this field in countries like China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Nepal, Peru, Surinam, UK, Poland, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, South-… read more.

Isaac Acheampong, PhD

Isaac Acheampong, PhD, received his degree from the University of Bradford, UK, MSc-Strategic Management from Erasmus University, the Netherlands, and PhD in Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy from California University FCE, US. Isaac has more than 35 years of management and consultancy experience both in private and public sector institutions. He worked with… read more.

Stephanie Zündel, MA, Lecturer

Stephanie Zündel, MA, holds a master’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Applied Sciences of the Austrian Federal Chamber in Vienna, a Bachelor in Hotel and Hospitality Management from Strathclyde University Glasgow, Scotland and is an alumni of ITM college in Bad Vöslau, Austria. She is currently the managing director of the tourist… read more.

Johan Winbladh, PhD

Johan Winbladh, PhD, is currently working on research for policy improvements and has a background in Management Consulting at Ernst & Young (now EY) in Stockholm, Sweden, and other locations in Europe and the US. At Ernst & Young, he was responsible for project management on various projects for international institutions running projects for quality assurance in… read more.

Anna Donato, MA, Lecturer

Anna Donato, MA, holds a Master of Arts in Literature and Media as well as in Spanish Language and Culture (University of Duisburg-Essen, 2012) and additionally a Bachelor of Arts in English (Ruhr-University Bochum, 2008). Next to her appointment at Wittenborg, Anna Donato runs her own business leading teams and organisations through innovation and development processes. In… read more.