Alexander Bauer, PhD

Alexander Bauer, PhD
Associate Professor of Applied Sciences
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Alexander Bauer, PhD, has more than a decade of international sales and management experience. Before he joined academia in 2014, he worked as an International Sales Manager – leading global sales teams, conducting negotiations on a global level with customers and suppliers in North and South America, Europe and Asia. He studied Business Management with a major in Marketing and Sales in Germany and Estonia, holds a PhD in International Business Management and studies European Law besides his full-time job.

Originally from Germany, Alexander settled down in Vienna, Austria, but spent many years abroad in the US, Belgium, Estonia, UK, Malaysia, Sweden, Mexico and the Netherlands. After a career as an International Sales Manager, Alexander joined academia and brought his practical sales and management experience into the classroom – first in the Netherlands and later back in Austria.

Besides being a lecturer at Wittenborg, he is also an Associate Lecturer in Austria, Germany and Slovenia and a Trainer for Presentation Skills, Rhetoric and Sales Trainings. His current research focuses on the utilisation of sales competition in sales trainings/sales education and the use of sales labs in sales trainings and the impact of the pandemic on businesses and sales in Austria. He is also a keynote speaker at international conferences.

Teaching Domains
Marketing Research
International / Intercultural Management
Creativity Techniques and Presentation Skills
Strategic Marketing and Management
International Trade and Sales Management