Internship Companies

Students complete workplacement and graduation assignments during in-company internships

There are a range of potential benefits to employers offering internships:

  • Students can fill a skills gap, a need for knowledge, or even a job vacancy within your organisation
    Internship students can solve your short term staff shortages and complete specific one-off specialist projects without long term employment commitments.
  • International students can inject fresh ideas and innovation possibilities into your company
    Internship students will complement your existing organisation's skills with new ideas, knowledge and up-to-date theoretical concepts.
  • Work placement students can add value to your organisation
    Access high quality, reflective and analytical thinkers, who are motivated and willing to get involved.
  • Develop current staff / employees
    Your current staff can develop their mentoring or supervisory skills by working with our internship students.
  • Try before you buy: the test run
    Identify and test run talented individuals who you may want to consider recruiting.
  • Raise your profile
    Inform students and the wider community of opportunities existing within your organisation.
  • Low cost solution
    Reduce recruitment costs by advertising your vacancies to Wittenborg students without cost, whilst also accessing a low cost staffing solution.
  • Create international networks
    Build international business networks and country-specific market intelligence through international students.

If you are considering providing work placement for our students or would like to have more information, please contact us by calling 088-6672 688 or email to

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