Paying for Programmes

Paying the fees

All tuition fees and package study fees should be paid directly to the Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences bank account at Rabobank in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. All payments should be made in Euro.

Bank Account Details

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Bank Details
Name of bank: Rabobank
Account number:  1182.20.608
Address of bank: Marktplein 40, 7311LR, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
Name of receiver: Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences BV
Address of receiver: Laan van de Mensenrechten 500, 7331VZ, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
IBAN-Code (SEPA):  NL13RABO0118220608



Dutch, EU and non-visa students: Programme (Course) fees can be paid in instalments for eligible students, either in agreed instalments or by automatic bank transfer (Incasso), for which charges are made.  Please see Wittenborg's Terms and Conditions, contained in the Education & Examination Guide (EEG) for details.

International Students joining programmes from within the Netherlands and who require first-time residence permits in the Netherlands have certain limitations to the possibility of paying in instalments.

Package Fee 

All International Students (non-EU) entering the programmes from abroad and requiring an MVV Student Visa are required to pay a full package fee (includes the tuition fee) as part of their application.

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