English & Business Preparation Programme (6 Months)

Course Details
Course Name

English & Business Preparation Programme

Course Type

Foundation Programme (Pre-Bachelor)

Course Sector

Business & Finance

Course Duration

6 Months


30 ECs

Entry Points Per Year

6 x entry per year possible

Next Starting Date(s)

26 August 2024, 14 October 2024, 2 December 2024

Degree or Qualification

Foundation IBA Certificate



Tuition Fee

1/2 Year: €4,900


Foundation Programmes -

Prepare for study and life at Wittenborg!

If you are an international student, and you need additional preparation and support in English or foundation subjects to complete undergraduate or postgraduate study at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, then the Foundation Programmes with Intensive English Language course offered at Wittenborg, based on the IELTS exam style, can help you develop the skills and knowledge to succeed in your degree.

The foundation year concept at Wittenborg is simple:

Pre-Bachelor's: Foundation Modules of the Bachelor Business Administration, (all pathways and all specialisations) together with intensive lessons of Academic English. Minimum IELTS level of 5 required for entry.

On successful completion, students will be awarded an Foundation Year Certificate and progression to the bachelor's degree programme, with exemption for all IBA credits already achieved.

IELTS English

Wittenborg offers an intensive IELTS English preparation programme for entry into its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Students with an IELTS level 5 are offered a full, one-year IELTS English programme. If progress in the target language reaches a 5.5 level of IELTS, then students can combine a number of business modules from the first year of the International Business Administration. This decision rests with the tutor and coordinator of the foundation course.

Students whose entry level is IELTS 5.5 are offered a half-year preparation programme before starting their chosen bachelor's pathway.

NOTE: The IELTS Preparation Programmes start 6 times a year, which means that as soon as you have completed your IELTS test successfully you can stream into the bachelor's degree programme at the next entry point (also 6 times a year).

English language requirements for entry into Wittenborg degree programmes

In order to successfully study at Wittenborg, students must have adequate skills in the English language, comparable to certain levels used by the English Language Testing System (IELTS):

  • Bachelor's entry IELTS = Academic IELTS 6
  • Master's entry IELTS = Academic IELTS 6.5 with at least a 6 for the writing component

Wittenborg also carries out its own internal testing known as WELTS, which mirrors the IELTS examination. This testing is carried out by experienced IELTS teachers, and is used to monitor entry levels and progress throughout the programmes.

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