Lucy Omwoha from Kenya (MSc in International Event Management):

“I chose Wittenborg because of its cultural setup. Also, the classes are smaller which gives a personal touch to the students and its partnership with Brighton as well as the fact that I was able to complete my degree within one year.”
Maike Nuyken from Germany (IBA in Economics and Management):

“I chose Wittenborg because it is very international. I think Wittenborg gave me the needed theoretical knowledge and a more analytical way of thinking. It is small, international, got a family atmosphere and you have six opportunities per year to start and to graduate.”

Bernadette Yolanda from Indonesia (MSc in International Event Management):

“I did a Bachelor in International Management so I thought: Why not challenge myself (by doing a Master degree)? One of the main reasons I chose Wittenborg was because of its dual-degree partnership with Brighton.” 

Marius Zürcher from Switzerland (IBA in Economics and Management):

“After looking at several different schools, I picked Wittenborg because it best matched my personality and lifestyle. It was very much like I expected – a small school with a friendly and international atmosphere.”

Bekezela Edmore Punugwe from Zimbabwe (IBA in Marketing and Communication):

“I chose Wittenborg because it is more international. There is closer interaction between the lecturers and the students. Wittenborg is a good place to be.”

 Alexandra Huijgens from the Netherlands (MSc in International Event Management):

“I did my bachelor in event management and I wanted to extend my knowledge in that same area so I was looking for a Master degree in event management in the Netherlands and Wittenborg offered a master degree in event management. I really like the fact that it was a small group, small classes, with a really personal approach. I think you can learn more if that is the case.”
Jon van Dijk from the Netherlands (IBA in Economics and Management):

“I enjoyed the international experience gained in the three and a half years studying at Wittenborg. I think every lecturer had their inspirational points. When you try hard you can learn from everyone.
Lilian Awuku from the Netherlands (IBA in Marketing and Communication):“You have to set your priorities straight if you want to achieve your study goals! I chose Wittenborg because I was interested in the programmes they offered and the friendly atmosphere.Now that I have my degree I have more insight in how to run your own business.”
Serge Gwabene from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (IBA in Economics and Management):

“I chose Wittenborg because it has excellent programmes.”
Emmanuel Onyeke from Nigeria (MSc in International Hospitality Management):

“I chose Wittenborg because of its multicultural environment and would recommend the Netherlands as a study destination. I stayed in Apeldoorn during my studies and the city is quiet and perfect for students to concentrate on their academic work.”
 Rens Klein from the Netherlands (IBA in Economics and Management):

“The international environment at Wittenborg was very appealing and of course the 60 credit exemption I got because of my MBO education.”