Associated Dutch Organisations


Is the Platform for State Appointed and Recognised, Privately Funded Universities and Colleges in the Netherlands. – in Dutch : ‘De Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding ( )’ , which Wittenborg is a member of.




NUFFICNuffic stands for Netherlands Universities Foundation for International Cooperation. It is the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education and Research ( , which Wittenborg is a member of.


NVAO Accredited ProgrammesNVAO (in Dutch: Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie) is the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders. The organisation was established by international treaty and it ensures the quality of higher education in the Netherlands and Flanders. Wittenborg's Business Administration programme is accredited by the NVAO


The IB-Groep/DUO is the registrar of accredited education in the Netherlands and is responsible for the allocation of study subsidies to Dutch and European students. It is also the Registrar of the Code of Conduct for International Students and is member of the National Commission for the Code of Conduct.  

Wittenborg is a signatory to the Netherlands Code of Conduct for International Students. A copy of the code can be found here.


The IND is the Dutch Immigration Authority.

Wittenborg has a covenant with the IND governing the entry visas of non-European students and their residence permits during their stay in the Netherlands.