Entrepreneurial Toolkit for the Digital Influencer (INFLUERA)

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  • Participating countries: Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Turkey.
  • Start: 01-03-2022 - End: 30-06-2023
  • Project Reference: 2021-2-PL01-KA210-YOU-000049841
  • Key Action: Partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices
  • Action Type: Small-scale youth partnerships


Objectives - The project has the following objectives, among others:

  • To equip youth with the emerging skills needed for being successful in the digital entrepreneurial sector.
  • To improve youth employability opportunities through providing them with an innovative training kit which will be open, flexible and accessible from anywhere and anytime.
  • To identify the Europe-wide emerging digital influencer profiles in the digital entrepreneurial sector.
  • To bring critical perspective to digital influencing.

Activities - Project envisage following activities:

  • 3 Transnational Meetings (1 online and 2 in-person) 
  • 4 Final Online Conferences
  • Development of R1 - Mapping of Digital Influencers
  • Development of R2 - Training Kit on Social Media Literacy
  • Development of R3 - Trainer Handbook


Result 1 - Mapping of digital influencers, which will develop a collection/e-library of digital influencers, where each partner country will identify successful influencers promoting their enterprise. 
Result 2- Training kit on social media literacy, which will include the necessary information to the target group regarding social media, digital skills needed and how to use them. 
Result 3 - Trainer handbook, where trainers, experts, stakeholders will have a guide on how to become digital influencers. To download the trainers' handbook, click here.

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