Complaints & Enquiries Procedure

The informal and formal procedures below are for asking questions about:

  • Finance
  • Payment/Refunds
  • Residence Card
  • Work
  • Registration of Leaving
  • Complaint

NB: For Education and Examination issues - use the Formal Complaints Procedure directly (below)

Informal Complaints and Enquiries Procedure (Non-Education Issues)

1. Students should present complaints to their Process Tutor, submitted in writing by email.
2. The student will receive an answer regarding their complaint within 3 working days during normal lesson weeks.
3. If this answer is not satisfactory, the student should make an appointment with their Process Tutor (see Formal Complaints Procedure).

Formal Complaints Procedure

1. The student should register the complaint with their Process Tutor, by email, by completing a complaints form. The Front Desk can provide a copy of the complaints form on request. The Process Tutor will forward the form to the relevant department manager.
2. The student will receive an answer from the relevant department manager within a week. The manager shall inform the Process Tutor about the decision.
3. If the student is not in agreement with the decision, the matter can be taken to the Board of Management.
4. The student will receive an official reply/answer from the Board of Management within a week.
5. In all cases the Process Tutor and Heads of School will be informed about the decision.

Board of Appeal for Graduation and Examinations

Complaints and appeals regarding disputes in examination results should always first be submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the Graduation and Examination Board. The Board will reply within 1 week. If the result given by the Graduation and Examination Board remains unsatisfactory for the student, an appeal can be submitted to the Board of Management in writing. Within 1 week, the Board of Management will inform the student of the time and place of the appeal hearing.

The Board of Appeal consists of

  • 1 member of the Board of Management
  • Chairperson of the Graduation and Examination Board
  • Member of the Student Union (appointed by the Chairperson of the Student Union)
  • 1 independent representative of the professional field, who will act as Chairperson of the Board of Appeal