Bachelor | Undergraduate - the Bachelor of Business Administration - 4 Pathways

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences offers a Bachelor of Business Administration, organised in 4 pathways, each with various specialisations. 

Wittenborg’s double-accredited Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme has been sub-divided into 4 different ‘Programme Pathways’, each with graduation-specialisations:

  • BBA Pathway 'IBA' - International Business Administration
  • BBA Pathway 'MCI' - Marketing, Communication & Information
  • BBA Pathway 'HBA' - Hospitality Business Administration
  • BBA Pathway 'EBA' - Entrepreneurial Business Administration

Below you will find a list of all the bachelor of business administration pathways and their graduation-specialisations offered at Wittenborg.

Bachelor's programmes at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

During the first phase (Year 1) of all pathways, you are introduced to  the concept of Business Administration through introductory modules. The theory of management, as well as 
the concepts of starting a business, looking at the economic environment, and examining organisations from a worldwide perspective, are all part of the introduction. During phase one,  
all students follow six cross-disciplinary project weeks, introducing research, consultancy and intercultural and interpersonal skills. After completing the first phase of modules, you can easily switch programmes within your pathway.

In the second phase (Year 2) you choose a specialisation from your pathway in which to graduate, and follow specialisation modules, continuing to develop research methods in your own field of interest. During this time, you also continue following the main business modules, continuing on from the first year, but now concentrating more on planning issues.

The final phase (Year 3) academic learning programme is completely directed towards graduation, with business and management modules focused on strategy and more depth in the specialisations. The final phase is completed with an academic graduation assignment that can be a dissertation, a business plan, or a consultancy project. The work experience you obtain in the final phase is often a wonderful opportunity for you to get up close and personal with a career option.

For more information please see details of each individual programme or fill in the information request form.

Bachelor Pathways and Specialisations