Financial Guarantee for Visa Support

In order to apply for a visa (TEV) to enter the Netherlands as a student in higher education, you need to have sufficient financial funds available to live and study in the Netherlands. To prove to the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) that you have indeed sufficient funds, an original statement from an internationally known bank must be sent showing that you possess sufficient funds (€15,000 for a one-year stay, excluding school fees) to cover your costs in the Netherlands. 
The statement or result slip must include:

  • The name and address of the bank
  • Your name and your account number with this bank
  • The statement has to show that you personally have access to the money at all times (deposit account statements will not be accepted)
  • The statement may not be older than three months

The statement must be sent, as scanned copy, to Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences.

The Bank Statement must be drawn up in Dutch, English, German or French.
If it is written in other languages, then it must be translated into English by a certified translator.

Students of the following nationalities: Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan or Cameroon, or if you are from Punjab, should not provide the bank statement, but must make the full payment of the financial guarantee. This is in your best interest as it significantly increases your chances of visa approval. Details of the payment of the living expenses will be provided in the invoice sent to you by the Student Registrar. 

The living expenses will be transferred back to you in monthly instalments after you have arrived in the Netherlands and have opened a Dutch bank account.