GREAT & RECAP Projects (2016-2018)

The GREAT Project(Completed 2016)

The GREAT (Growing Renewable Energy Applications and Technologies) project is an EU-funded project under the INTERREG IVB NWE Programme. GREAT aims to encourage communities and small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) to develop technological solutions for Smart Grid, Renewable Energy and Distributive Generation; research and develop policy issues for regulatory authorities and provide structured co-operation opportunities between SMEs and research institutes / technology developers. The project encourages cross-sector integration involving the following sectors:

  • Public authorities supporting economic generation and incorporating the requirements of distributed energy in its new developments.
  • Economic development agencies linking with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and transmission bodies to sculpt opportunities for SMEs and providing business support to them.
  • Research bodies involving themselves with all parties for two purposes: technology transfer and analyses of regulatory and market situations to provide good practices and policy recommendations.
  • OEMs and large manufacturers demonstrating the benefits of distributed generation and Smart Grids to enlarge the market and improve their supply chains.
  • SME suppliers in the market developing their businesses through international contacts and consortia

GREAT Project Wittenborg

The ‘RECAP Project’ – (Completed 2018)

In October 2016, Wittenborg was announced as partner in a new ‘Robotics Project’ that was aimed to ‘Boost Dutch Smart Industry’.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences was one of two education partners in a project advancing robotics technology in the east Netherlands, which was aimed to strengthen the country’s smart industry and result in employment growth.

The Robotics Experience Centre Testing Ground Project (RECAP) received financial support from the European Fund for Regional Development last month.

The project was a collaboration between ESPS – the manufacturer behind the Robotics Experience Centre in Almelo and also a member of the WWINN Group – SMEs, Conway as well as industrial end users Vernay Europa B.V. and Wouter Witzel Eurovalve. The knowledge partners were Wittenborg and the University of Twente.

Wittenborg looked into the needs of human capital of the smart industry, the challenges and best practice for SME’s during implementation of robots. Wittenborg is also developed a unique MBA programme catering to the management needs of smart industry and also providing training and workshops in that regard.

“The overall goal of the project is to develop the Robotics Experience Centre (REC) into the knowledge and innovation centre for robotics technology in advanced production processes in the east Netherlands,” a press release from WWINN read. The REC focuses primarily on the high-tech systems and materials sector (HTSM) as well as the manufacturing industry. ESPS acts as overall coordinator of the project.

It is believed that the cooperation between the partners in the REC and resulting sustainable testing ground will strengthen the smart industry sector with international innovations in industrial robotics, economic development and employment growth.

The partners in the RECAP project identified similar opportunities for their new products and knowledge, and the REC proved to be the perfect place to set up their testing ground. Cobining state-of-the-art robotics technology, development facilities, test systems and user simulations, the REC offers the right environment for faster, better and more efficient development of new products and processes. A centre for open innovation in the field of robotics is unique in the east Netherlands.

RECAP Project Wittenborg