The Front Desks

Wittenborg Front DeskThe Front Desks at Wittenborg support students and staff in a number of ways and fulfil a combination of roles that are specific to such an international environment.

Each Wittenborg location has a Front Desk service, although at the main campus in Apeldoorn there are two - one in each building - at Spoorstraat and Brinklaan.

The primary functions of the Front Desks include providing initial information to students and staff, serving as a central reception point for the institute, and managing incoming calls at Wittenborg's contact number (+31 886 672 688). The Front Desk team is dedicated to assisting with non-educational inquiries related to Wittenborg and facilitating various events and social activities throughout the year.

Because Wittenborg is such an international institute, the Front Desk also provides some of the information provision and administration of an 'international office', aiming to ensure a rich and warm experience for the many international students and staff.

International Student Service at the Front Desks

The Front Desk at Wittenborg

International Student Service at the Front Desks

The Front Desk team is available Mondays to Fridays at the opening times listed in the buildings, in the Education Guides and below.

The team provides information and guidance to international students and staff about living in the Netherlands in general, also helping with information and making appointments with local and national offices for housing, immigration, healthcare and social care if needed.

"We are here to help our international students from abroad get settled in the Netherlands on arrival, by assisting with their registration appointments at the necessary offices, such as the Immigration Department (IND) and the City Hall (Gemeente). We can also arrange medical appointments with doctors and dentists, and assist with all relevant insurance documentation."

In choosing Wittenborg, many of you will also have chosen to live in another country; Front Desk can help you find your way in your new study environment with all sorts of information ranging from public transport, ICT issues, registration questions, work options, to even where to buy a bicycle.