Student Support

Agents & Representatives

Wittenborg Agent Representative Network

Wittenborg works with agent representatives who live and work in our students' home countries. The agents are very important for us because they are able to give advice, counselling and support to our students in a number of different situations.

Wittenborg agent representatives have worked with us over the years to provide:

The Front Desks

Each Wittenborg location has a Front Desk service, although at the main campus in Apeldoorn there are two - one in each building - at Spoorstraat and in the Aventus building on Laan van Mensenrechten.

Careers Advice

Successful & Secure Careers

Instead of an anonymous careers advisory department, Wittenborg utilises the personal connection built between tutor and student to offer personal and made-to-measure careers advice as necessary.

Project Weeks, with hands-on personal experience of different segments and aspects of business, are also very helpful for students to find out more about which careers might suit them.

Work in the Netherlands - Full and Part Time

Knowledge Migrants

The Netherlands supports Knowledge Migrants, which means you can combine your studies with paid work experience in both the Bachelor and MBA programmes.

Jobs and employment can be combined with study and graduates can even continue their job within their company as a knowledge migrant after their studies.

For those not currently employed, the MBA programme places students into a paid work placement.

Healthcare and Health Insurance in the Netherlands

The healthcare and welfare system in The Netherlands is the highest level in the world, and students studying here enjoy the benefits.

All Wittenborg students are fully insured from the start, and once they settle down, and find employment often choose their own health insurance from the enormous offers available,

Health insurance in The Netherlands was privatised some years ago, however is capped and controlled by the government so almost every insurance costs the same amount.