Study in Holland – a great destination for International Students!

Why study in Holland?

International Reputation

Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences are focused on providing students with a combination of theory and practice. On graduation, students are highly employable and compare very favourably with their British, US or Australian counterparts!

Study in Holland  - a great destination for International Students!

International work experience

  • Having experience as an international intern is really important and will give you a competitive edge when looking to enter today’s job market. 
  • Students at Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences have to complete an internship in order to complete their degree.
  • Internships may be in the Netherlands, in the UK or in a completely different country. Wittenborg offers comprehensive support and advice when trying to arrange the best placement for you. 
  • Your internship will also offer you the chance to network with employers in your chosen profession. Many students in the Netherlands also use these opportunities to build a network of international contacts, Wittenborg has an excellent network of Business and Industry partners.

Universities of Applied Sciences incorporate research in their programmes

  • All students of Wittenborg carry out a comprehensive research project.
Personal attention and learning support
  • Dutch universities place a strong emphasis on good personal relations between staff and students. Wittenborg provides a student centred experience, personal, customer driven approach to Higher Education with excellent student support.
  • When you are looking for employment after you graduate, soft skills play an important part in a successful career. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences places great emphasis on giving students the chance to develop their capabilities in areas such as teamwork, communication and presentation skills, for example.
Language Skills
  • Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences offers all students free Dutch Classes.

Study in Holland at Wittenborg University          Study in Holland at Wittenborg University