Links with Industry

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences works actively together with the associates from government, education and business in its network. Within the study programmes, companies providing and hosting work placements, student excursions, and seminar lecturers are involved.

At Wittenborg, students are prepared for their careers in an effective way: they know what the industry expects from them and, in turn, they are more than able to deliver the theoretical and practical expertise modern business requires.

Study programmes are always up to date, in accordance with continuing (global) market developments. This is not only made possible by the lecturers of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, with their close ties to the business world, but also by various corporations and organisations. An overview of examples of Work Placement Companies where Wittenborg's bachelor's students have been placed this year can be found here: Overview of Work Placement Companies.

Employability MBA

Students start on the MBA programme either from a position of current employment or recently terminated employment.  Their primary aim in choosing such a programme should be to increase their employability. The programme will continuously focus on reflection of past and present practice, while stimulating students to look forward, in relation to their careers and ambitions.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences programmes aim to create a level of career enhancement or employability that offers students as wide a range of possibilities as possible. With the breadth of subjects students have studied, the depth of specialisations and the combination of professional and academic learning, Wittenborg graduates are well poised to continue their professional development or even enter a chosen profession that is different to what they have done in the past. Coupled with a very real demand for knowledge, immigration and the opportunities that the regulations in the Netherlands and other countries offer for international graduates, successful international students are seen as highly employable.

The Final Qualifications of the programmes have been aligned with the professional profiles, so that employers can easily recognise the “qualification”, i.e. the level achieved (Bachelor or Master) and ability to embark upon further study.

Employability is such an important issue for all graduates at Wittenborg, that the Project Weeks and Final Project/Dissertation are often used as a direct steppingstone to work opportunities, and Wittenborg actively encourages this by:

  • Stimulating companies to consider employing graduates from work placement/projects/research assignments.
  • Stimulating and advising on the business start-up ideas of graduates.
  • Introducing future graduates to interested parties.
  • Ensuring that the Aims and Objectives and Final Qualifications of the programmes are in line with what the majority of the work field requires.

Wittenborg has regular discussions with its business and strategic partners, and companies and organisations within the region and abroad.