Language Studies @Wittenborg

Wittenborg places an emphasis on understanding the importance of foreign language learning within its BBA programmes and also encourages its MBA and MBM master's students to take optional language courses.

Bachelor students are expected to be able to be able to communicate fluently in English to an equivalent level of IELTS 6.5 band level, understand the importance of learning second languages and have achieved a basic level in a 2nd or 3rd language.

Since its conception, the bachelor programmes have always required students to follow at least one ‘2nd foreign language’. 2nd foreign languages are taught primarily to challenge students to learn and understand what it’s like to have to learn a foreign language in a relatively short time, and to develop learning skills and techniques that will help them in communication with professionals from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds in diverse business settings.

All business administrators working in an international environment will often be confronted with other languages and sometimes be required to learn a language for either working in a different country or working with colleagues from a different country, for instance.

The 2nd foreign languages are also available for master programmes: MSc and MBA. Master level students can optionally choose to follow a language module.

2nd foreign language lecturers are requested by programme management to be aware of the aim of the 2nd foreign language modules and pay attention to that during the delivery of their modules, i.e. the concept that young business administrators need to develop their skills and competencies at quickly being able to pick up the concepts of another language.

Students can also follow two different languages during their programme. In recent years, WUAS has refined a system that allows 2nd foreign language modules to be offered in a way that allows a certain amount of flexibility and feasibility.

Students register for a 2nd foreign language, currently being asked to choose 2 subjects from Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Dutch (a first and second choice). The language must be a true ‘foreign’ language for the student. As long as there are 5 students or more, then the subject will be offered.