Your Admissions & Registry Team

Florian Oosterberg

Florian Oosterberg, MA, is Wittenborg's Student Registrar and manages the Admissions, Registry, Exam Results and Finance Department to ensure a transparent, smooth admissions and registration process for all students at WUAS. 

Lena Vandenbosch, MSc, MBA

Lena Vandenbosch, MSc, MBA, is an MBA graduate from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. She is currently the International Partnership Manager at Wittenborg supporting the enrolment of international students through our network of representatives from all over the world. This includes giving training sessions, supporting local events and keeping representatives up-to-date with the latest developments. Lena is also a member of the Wittenborg Events team and so you may also meet her at an international fair or during one of our Wittenborg recruitment events. Besides this, she is also involved with marketing activities such as the creation of content for external mailings, the website, and other promotional materials.

Yanti Setiawan, MSc

Yanti Setiawan, MSc, is Wittenborg's Admissions and External Relations Manager. She is a master's graduate with more than 4 years' professional working experience related to student recruitment. Her main responsibility at Wittenborg is to manage all admissions activities and ensure all processes run according to the university policies. On top of the admissions department, she is also in charge of managing the external relations department, which covers alumni relations, work placement and guest lecturers.  

Mykhailo Huba, MSc

Mykhailo Huba, MSc, has a vast knowledge of Tourism and Hospitality Industries. He did his bachelor`s degree degree on integration processes in tourism industry, and for the master`s thesis, he researched the processes and moving forces behind the overtourism phenomena in Amsterdam.

Sinan Colasan, MA, MSc

Sinan Colasan, MA, MSc, has 14 years of professional full-time working experience in public and private sector, including six years of experience in management of EU-funded social development projects and seven years of working experience as a public officer at Turkish Prime Ministry. He started working at WUAS in 2018. His main responsibilities include guiding the students after admission and providing effective student support systems. He is part of the marketing team as well, which works for development and implementation of strategies for increasing the number of recruits. Sinan also lectured as co-teacher at WUAS in Bachelor of Sport Business Management programme and completed his third post-graduate degree in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Babak Moghadam, MSc

Babak Moghadam, MSc, is Wittenborg's Student Registry Administration and Examination Administration Coordinator. He is a master's graduate with more than 5 years' professional working experience. His professional experience has been in a variety of fields related to engineering, sales, digital marketing and communication, in various countries including the Netherlands, Austria & Iran, participating in different workshops related to sales & marketing in Spain, Germany and UAE as an international relations manager.

Sophia Faraji

Sophia Faraji has three years of experience as a International Sales Marketing Management in one of the most reputable educational companies in Iran. He has also managed the company's international communications for a year. Sophia also has experience in managing and leading the travel tours.

Sadaf Sakhi

Sadaf Sakhi is Wittenborg's Student Registry Administrator and manages all enrolments, insurances and DUO-related tasks. In 2013, she started her studies as Management Assistant. During her last year studying, she started working as an intern at Wittenborg in September 2015. After graduating she became a full-time employee at Wittenborg in April 2016. She started at the Front Office, became Events Coordinator later on, and is now working as Student Registry Administrator in the Admissions and Registry Department.

Mahesan Suntharesan, BBA

Mahesan Suntharesan is Wittenborg's Immigration Administrator who is responsible for immigration-related queries, including requesting for Study Visa (MVV) for prospective students and extending Study Residence Permit for current students. He is also in charge of maintaining effective communication with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) in relation to the students' inquiries.