Admissions & Registry Team

Florian Oosterberg. Student Registrar

Florian Oosterberg, MA, is Wittenborg's Student Registrar and manages the Admissions, Registry, Exam Results and Finance Department to ensure transparent, smooth admissions and registration process for all students at Wittenborg. Florian joined Wittenborg in 2014 at the Admissions department and has been closely involved in international recruitment strategies and admissions process ever since. She graduated in 2017 with a master's degree in Asian Studies.

Dulsha Fernandes, MBA, Manager Student Finance

Dulsha Fernandes, MBA, holds a BSc in Computation and Management, an MBA in General Management, and a professional qualification in HRM. Initially she comes from a financial background, having worked previously in a national and an international bank. Dulsha was a key member of the risk and compliance team working closely with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in terms of compliance to national and international banking regulations. She was also involved in risk management in areas such as debt, equity and derivative market operations, and process development in consumer banking during her 5-year career in the banking sector. Due to her passion to share knowledge and experience, she also taught Economics, Business Studies and Managerial Economics for over two years in Sri Lanka. Currently she works in the Finance Department of Wittenborg as Manager Student Finance.

Mykhailo Huba, MSc, Admissions Administrator

Mykhailo Huba, MSc, achieved his bachelor`s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Businesses at National University of Food Technologies, Kiev. After he finished his bachelor's degree, he continued his education for the master's degree in International Tourism Management at Wittenborg, delivered in cooperation with the University of Brighton completing this in 2019. At Wittenborg he works as an Admission Administrator. He is responsible for all stages of the recruitment process including handling inquires, applications, and assessments of prospective students. Additionally, he is also in charge of maintaining the relationship with education partners from the Commonwealth of Independent States countries.

Sinan Colasan, MA, MSc, Deputy Student Registrar

Sinan Colasan, MA, MSc, has over 14 years of professional full-time work experience in the public and private sectors, including 6 years of experience in the management of EU-funded social development projects in Turkey and Cyprus, and 7 years of experience as a public officer in the Turkish government. He started working at Wittenborg in 2018 and is Wittenborg's Deputy Student Registrar. Sinan's main responsibilities include guiding students after admission and providing effective student support systems. He is part of the marketing team as well, which works for the development and implementation of strategies for increasing the number of recruits. Sinan also lectured as co-teacher at Wittenborg in the Bachelor of Sports Business Management programme and completed his third post-graduate degree in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Sophia Faraji, Student Support Coordinator

Sophia Faraji holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication Management from Wittenborg. She also gained a bachelor’s degree in English teaching in Iran. She started at Wittenborg as an intern in the position of Front Desk Assistant. Currently, Sophia is Support Office and Student Career Coordinator at Wittenborg. She is responsible for managing Wittenborg’s front desk and assisting Wittenborg students with academic- and non-academic questions. Next to that Sophia is also responsible for coordinating the international partnerships at Wittenborg. She has three years of experience as an International Sales Marketing Manager in one of the most reputable educational companies in Iran, and also managed the company's international communications for a year. Sophia also has experience in managing and leading travel tours.

Sadaf Sakhi, Student Registry Administrator

Sadaf Sakhi is Wittenborg's Student Registry Administrator and manages all enrolments, insurances and DUO-related tasks. In 2013, she started her studies as Management Assistant. During her last year studying, she started working as an intern at Wittenborg, in 2015. After graduating Sadaf became a full-time employee at Wittenborg, in 2016. She started at the Front Office, became Events Coordinator later on, and is now working as Student Registry Administrator in the Admissions and Registry Department.

Mahesan Suntharesan, Immigration Administrator

Mahesan Suntharesan is Wittenborg's Immigration Administrator, responsible for immigration-related queries, including requests for Study Visa (MVV) for prospective students and extensions of  Study Residence Permits for current students. He is also in charge of maintaining effective communication with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) in relation to students' inquiries.

Yi Tung (Eunice) Cheung, MA

Yi Tung (Eunice) Cheung, MA came to the Netherlands after finishing her university study in UK and Hong Kong. She was impressed by the international and open-minded environment in the Netherlands during her school holidays. Since then, she started the plan to develop her career and realise her dreams in such a country which has a perfect combination of technology and green nature. Eunice gradated with a BSc in Psychology at University of Bath in UK and obtained her MA degree in Family Counselling & Family Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The choice of her university study and the work as a Counsellor & Coach during her master's study are the result of following her heart and her care for people. Her dream is simple and big – being able to help people in need in order to fix problems at their sources. After two years of gaining career and life experience in the Netherlands, Eunice found herself comfortably integrated into Dutch society. Eunice works now as an Admission Administrator at Wittenborg University. While enjoying being a part of the Wittenborg family, she is determined to support the students, strengthen the Admissions Team, and contribute to the growth of Wittenborg with her psychology and counselling skills and her experience in communication, administration and business development.