Book a room in Apeldoorn

Here are the simple steps to follow to book your room on time before you arrive in Apeldoorn.

  1. You must be a full package-fee student of Wittenborg and/or your accommodation fee has been received by Wittenborg.
  2. Fill in the application form to reserve a room at Wittenborg Housing department.
  3. Based on your budget and the rooms available, Wittenborg Housing department will offer you a room with a contract, or you will be put onto the waiting list.
  4. Your room will be confirmed after the signed contract has returned to the Wittenborg Housing department within the given deadline. Your room reservation can only be confirmed after you have received Confirmation Accommodation email from Wittenborg Housing department. You are required to agree on all the terms and conditions, as well as follow the Rules and Regulations before signing the agreement.
  5. Send your arrival notification form to Wittenborg at least 10 working days before your actual arrival day so that the complementary airport pick-up service can be arranged. Since it is free, there is no refund possibility if this service is (temporarily) unavailable.


Cost of a Room in Apeldoorn

The cost of all-in accommodation per person is between 100 and 140 euro per week for a fully furnished room arranged by Wittenborg in the city of Apeldoorn. The fee that Wittenborg Housing and its direct partner (FSG) charge includes all other costs like internet, gas/water/electricity and rubbish disposal, city tax, etc. Note that utility bills are paid separately in the majority of accommodation rentals in the Netherlands.