Wittenborg Research Centre - Applied Research

Wittenborg' s Research Centre is its Knowledge Hub.

'There is nothing as practical as a good theory'

Following this well-known adage, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is convinced that students, professionals, businesses and society can all benefit from the insights of applied research. We promote the use of knowledge that evolves out of applied research and develop new knowledge if practice asks for it.

To do so, Wittenborg's Research Centre operates as a knowledge hub. The Wittenborg Knowledge Hub is a dynamic environment where international lecturers, researchers and students bring in their knowledge, experience, skills and cultural background and gain new knowledge, skills and understanding. An environment where organisations can drop in for available knowledge or plunge in to develop new knowledge together with the researchers of Wittenborg. Whether they are for-profit businesses, non-profit or not-for profit organisations and governmental institutes. By involving all these stakeholders and combining different experiences and disciplines we can come up with creative solutions that strengthen economy and society. Participation in the Wittenborg Knowledge Hub contributes to the build-up of a valuable body of knowledge for practical use.

The Knowledge Hub will benefit individuals, teams, organisations as well as economy and society at large. As such, contributing to the Wittenborg motto ˜Better yourself, Better our world”

Knowledge to advance Business and Management

It is the intention of the Wittenborg Knowledge Hub to advance the theory, practice, and/or teaching of business and management in the domains Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Sport, Health and Education, with special attention to Sustainability and Innovation. In all the knowledge activities, the Wittenborg organisational values -- International orientation, Diversity and Ethics -- are embedded. The Knowledge Hub promotes dissemination of available knowledge and the creation of new knowledge, as will be explained hereafter.

Dissemination of available knowledge

The Knowledge hub attracts experts and specialist from a range of fields and disciplines. They are happy to share their knowledge with you by lectures, workshops, master classes or consultancy. The Knowledge hub can act as a 'knowledge broker' and translates scientific knowledge of Universities and international research to knowledge that is ready for application in your business. 

Creating new knowledge

When new knowledge is required, the Knowledge Hub can cooperate with your organisation in Applied Research projects. The projects approaches are based on generally accepted Applied Research principles. The output (e.g., what has been changed, accomplished, or improved) will be disseminated to the appropriate publication channels to contribute to the international knowledge base.

There are several possibilities for research projects: on commission, in collaboration and in (inter)national public-private partnerships, for instance together with its international education partners. It is also possible to sponsor a Master or a PhD research project on a topic that is relevant for your business.