Information about the 'Student Loan' system for Dutch and EU students

Dutch student loan system (also for EU Students)

Effective from 1 September 2015, a new student loan system in the Netherlands will replace the old system of grants and loans. On 20 January 2015, the Dutch Senate approved the legislative proposal 'Loans for students in higher education', thereby clearing the way for the introduction of a new student loan system in the Bachelor's and Master's phases. For students who enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's programme before that date, a transitional arrangement may apply.

  • EU Students are still required to work for 56 hours a month to be able to arrange the loan. The loan will cover the full tution fees.

Working in the Netherlands for EU Students

You are free to work as many hours as you like alongside your studies. Your employer does not need to have a work permit for you.

The type of job can vary from working in manufacturing industries, cleaning companies or restaurants/ bars etcetera.

  • The earned wage is in accordance with the minimal wage in the Netherlands.
  • 56 hours per month x average € 8,50 per hour x 12 months = € 5.712.= per year

Housing Rental Subsidy
When you live in the Netherlands in an independent living space you are entitled to a partly compensation of the rental costs.

  • For example someone with a yearly income of € 3200,- and a rent of € 300,- will receive around € 100,- from the tax office.

Health Care Insurance Subsidy
If you have a job in the Netherlands you are required to have Dutch Basic Health insurance. Depending on the provider this will cost between € 120,- and € 150,- per month.
As a student with a minimum income you are entitled to a compensation for these costs. For example someone with a yearly income of € 3200,- will receive around € 70,- from the tax office. 

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