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At Wittenborg, innovation and entrepreneurship are our core. Our international, businesslike environment is where students thrive. We want you, the prospective student, to understand our unique approach to learning and business. That's why we offer firsthand experiences - from attending lessons to witnessing exciting project week presentations and Final Phase seminars. We're dedicated to giving you the insight you need to make the best decision for your future.

Explore Wittenborg from Anywhere in the World

Are you abroad and wondering how it is to study at Wittenborg? Even from a distance, you can experience the vibrant atmosphere. Simply fill in our information request form and schedule a call with one of our experienced lecturers. Alternatively, join our engaging online seminars to get a taste of the Wittenborg experience!

Engage in Interactive Learning Experiences

If you're in the Netherlands, dive right into the Wittenborg spirit! Attend captivating guest lectures, hands-on workshops, or immerse yourself in a full lesson day or project week presentation. Feel the excitement of real-life learning in action!

Your Journey Starts Here!

Join us, no matter where you are, and step into the world of Wittenborg. Let's make your dream education a reality. Schedule a call and experience your student life at Wittenborg today!

Discover Wittenborg

Choose from three options:

Option A: Follow a Lesson or Lesson Week with First-Year Students

The first lesson week in each block opens its doors for you to follow a class. With six starting dates per year, this is your chance to meet fellow students who are new to the class and open to meeting each other. Meet fellow students, ask questions, grasp our teaching methods, and experience the unique Wittenborg atmosphere.

Option B: Attend Student Presentations

In every lesson block, students collaborate on exciting business projects that lead to vibrant presentations. Be right at the forefront as they reveal their outcomes, pitches, business strategies, marketing plans, and research discoveries. It's your ideal moment to get a glimpse of Wittenborg's entrepreneurial spirit.

Option  C: Follow a Workshop or Seminar

Throughout the year, our seminars provide immersive learning experiences. Our admissions office is here to assist you in scheduling your participation. While some seminars are tailored for master's degree students, others, such as interpersonal and intercultural skills-based workshops and first and second-year bachelor's seminars are open to all students.

Seminars typically span 1 to 3 hours, requiring visiting students to arrive 30 minutes prior for a briefing. Post-session, you'll have the opportunity to chat and review your experience with our staff members. This conversation allows you to share your thoughts, ask questions about applications, and gain valuable insights. 

As part of the experience, you're also invited to take a guided tour of our school. 

Contact us today to schedule your student life experience at Wittenborg by calling +31 (0)88 6672 688 or mailing us.

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