HBA - Hospitality Business Administration

4 Pathways of BBA ProgrammeHBA is one of 4 Pathways of the bachelor's programme 'International Business Administration' leading to a BBA degree. See Bachelor - Undergraduate 4 Pathways for more information.

The HBA pathway offers specialisations of its broad BBA bachelor’s programme. This pathway focuses on management development in the global hospitality, tourism, events and service management industries.

The courses address core business and management subjects, and hospitality as a global phenomenon and how it is consumed by cultures and societies.

Hospitality Business AdministrationWe work closely with our UK education partner, the University of Brighton, and one of our HBA degrees is a jointly taught programme.

This means that students are taught by lecturers from a wide range of countries, as well as regular visiting staff from the University of Brighton.

It also means that you can take advantage of gaining a British degree in the Netherlands, combining it with a Dutch degree and all the benefits that brings. For instance, Dutch and European students can study a UK degree with a Dutch student loan and at lower cost!

HBA Specialisations

  • Hotel & Hospitality Services Management
  • Event Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Sport Business Management

Introductory Modules

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Intercultural Management
  • International Hospitality Business
  • Principles of Events Management
  • International Tourism Business
Title Duration Tuition Fee
HBA (Double Bachelor Degree) Hospitality Management 3-4 Years € 8,900 (1/Yr)
HBA (Bachelor) Event Management 3-4 Years € 8,900 (1/Yr)
HBA (Bachelor) Tourism Management 3-4 Years € 8,900 (1/Yr)
HBA (Bachelor) Sport Business Management 3-4 Years € 8,900 (1/Yr)
HBA (Bachelor) Hotel & Hospitality Services Management 3-4 Years € 8,900 (1/Yr)