Withdrawal & De-Registration

Withdrawing from a Programme

In order to be correctly de-registered, a student is required to provide one of the following sets of documents.

All students should complete a deregistration form provided by the Registrar's Office, or downloaded below.

For graduates:

A Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Bachelor's or Master's Degree, signed and stamped

For students leaving the programmes without graduation:

A copy of an official registration letter from another institute of Higher Education


  • A fully completed Wittenborg Deregistration Form
  • A fully completed Wittenborg Housing Checkout Form
  • A copy of an official exit form from the Netherlands Border Police showing that the student has officially left the country. If an official exit form cannot be obtained, then the student is required to submit a copy of all pages of their passport clearly showing that the student has left the Shengen area (border control stamp)
  • A copy of signed and stamped receipt of original Residence Permit by Netherlands Border Police or by the home country Dutch Embassy/Consulate, after returning the Residence Permit card if it is still valid

The following actions must be taken:

If the student has a valid multiple entry visa, then this should have "CANCELLED" stamped across it and signed and dated by either Wittenborg International Office Staff or the Border Control Police.


A valid residence document other than for study.