Teaching Quality

Wittenborg University prides itself on providing excellent teaching quality and providing students with a solid foundation for a secure and successful career. 

  • Educational Method - Ensures that students are well connected with business and industry as well as able to undertake research.
  • Accreditation - The University is appointed by the Dutch government and all programmes have European accreditation.
  • Lecturers are a mixture of practioners and academics many of whom have strong connections with business and industry.
  • Wittenborg offers a number of Bachelor and Master degrees in partnership with the University of Brighton.
  • The University has a staff to student ratio of 11/1 and students have up to 32 contact hours a week.
  • The national survey shows that student satisfaction at the university is above average.

Many staff members have international backgrounds, both in business experience and in educational qualifications. Also many staff have experience in more than one country, not only the non-Dutch teaching staff, but also many of the Dutch teaching staff have lived and worked abroad. For instance Dutch teachers at Wittenborg have experience in the UK, in Germany, in Turkey, in South America and China. The international staff members have experience of business in the UK, Australia, the US, China and the Far East, the Indian sub-continent, Africa, Africa, South America and Western and Eastern Europe.