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How does student finance work?
Complete package or limited funding
If you are under the age of 30, and are registered in full-time or dual education, you can apply for student finance. You must be a Dutch national or have the same rights, depending on your residence permit or your nationality.

Nationality requirements
If you have the nationality of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you will qualify for student finance if you have been living in the Netherlands for 5 consecutive years or more, or if you (or your non-Dutch parent or partner) work in the Netherlands for at least 56 hours a month.
If you are not a national of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you can still qualify for student finance if you have a residence permit type II, III or IV.

Limited funding
If you do not meet the nationality requirements for student finance, you may still qualify for limited funding towards the payment of your tuition or course fee.

What does student finance consist of?
Student finance comprises 3 components: a loan, a student travel product and a supplementary grant (depending on parental income). You always have to pay back the loan. The student travel product and supplementary grant are converted into a gift if you graduate within 10 years. Otherwise you will have to repay them as well.

How long do I qualify for it?
For a 4-year degree programme (HBO or university), you are entitled to 7 years of student finance. A supplementary grant is only possible the first 4 years. The student travel product can be received for 5 years. Some degree programmes take longer than 4 years. Then you are further entitled to student finance. You have to use up your student finance within 10 years.

Apply before you turn 30
You can apply for student finance until the month you turn 30. After your 30th birthday your student finance will continue, unless you stop it. You will then not be able to submit a request to restart it.

From the government site: DUO Study Finance: How Does It Work

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