Lerarenbeurs: a Scholarship for Educators

What is the lerarenbeurs?

Good teachers never finish learning. Especially as an educator in a rapidly growing industry around the globe, it is important to adopt a lifelong-learning mindset. The lerarenbeurs, a scholarship offered by the Dutch government (DUO), is aimed specifically at educators wanting to develop their professional needs. 

The scholarship covers:

  • max. €7,000 per year tuition fee 
  • max. €700 study materials & travel expenses
  • paid study leave, depending on your work situation (calculate here)

Check the DUO website at www.duo.nl/particulier/lerarenbeurs and find out what you are eligible for! 

Do you want to read more about other students' experiences with balancing work and study? Read more here and here.




  • You have obtained a teacher's degree or you are a teacher in higher education and have at least obtained a bachelor's degree.
  • At the time of application, you work at a publicly funded school or at a didactic remedial centre (orthopedagogisch didactisch centrum) in the Netherlands or the Caribbean, or you have worked at the above-mentioned institutes in the 12 months prior to your application.
  • You spend at least 20% of your work time teaching, including preparation & grading.
  • You are currently applying for a bachelor's, pre-master's, master's or postgraduate master's programme.
  • The programme must be accredited or validated. 

Please check the DUO website at www.duo.nl/particulier/lerarenbeurs for all requirements. 

How to apply?
The application period for the lerarenbeurs is 1 April - 30 June.  For full details about the lerarenbeurs and how to apply, go to https://duo.nl/particulier/lerarenbeurs/aanvragen.jsp. Use Wittenborg's BRIN code: 25AY.

MA in Education

Why not seize the opportunity with the lerarenbeurs and upgrade your educational skills with Wittenborg's Master of Arts in Education?

Wittenborg is proud to present its newest master's programme in collaboration with the University of Brighton - the master's programme that will teach you how to develop and explore critical perspectives on education within your own personal chosen area.

Combining study and work can be a tall order. The MA in Education is therefore highly flexible & personalised. Modules are designed to complement and extend your professional commitments, and teaching and assignment submissions are scheduled to fit around your existing work.

This English-taught programme is perfect for anyone who is working in education, particularly for teachers and education staff operating on different levels of international education. The MA in Education can be tailored to your interests and professional development needs, suitable for any profession within the education industry. 

Please check https://www.wittenborg.eu/master-education.htm for more information about Wittenborg's MA in Education programme. 

With the lerarenbeurs you can also apply for Wittenborg's other bachelor's & master's programmes. For a full overview of the programmes see here