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Universities of Applied Sciences offer bachelor's and master's degree programmes that reflect a direct link to the professional field and have a firm element of job-oriented development in their curriculum. Bachelor's and Master's programmes in the Netherlands are comprised of European Credits.

The Educational Concept of a University of Applied Sciences

The Educational Concept of a University of Applied Science

Wittenborg's  education method embraces:

Wittenborg prides itself in providing education through intensive contact with lecturers, tutors, and people from business and industry. Some lectures are given face to face, others in workshop and project format, always by a professional teacher or expert from industry.

  • Wittenborg's yearly programming is flexible but businesslike; one academic year of Wittenborg consists of 40 academic weeks in total, in six 6-week blocks 
  • Students receive credits at the end of each six-week study - a proven visible advantage of Wittenborg's independent block system
  • Wittenborg's education concept is based on the principle that a student should be highly employable after graduation, understanding the basic principles of operation and management within the field of industry that they have studied for
  • Wittenborg’s education combines a practical look at the relevant industry with an academic grounding in the concepts of business, management, economics and sociology
  • Wittenborg students can expect to carry out practical projects, instigated by companies and organisations, and complete a period of work placement, whilst also learning the theories that should be applied
  • Wittenborg students can also expect to write academic papers and carry out applicable research, both at bachelor's and master's level
  • Wittenborg believes that the pace of study and the study load must be managed by the students and this education requires maturity, drive, independence and hard work
  • In all its programmes, Wittenborg encourages the development and understanding of an international & multicultural outlook, best practice in management, diversity, sustainability and entrepreneurship

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