Healthcare & Health Insurance in the Netherlands

The healthcare and welfare system in The Netherlands is the highest level in the world, and students studying here enjoy the benefits. All Wittenborg students are fully insured from the start, and once they settle down, and find employment often choose their own health insurance from the enormous offers available,

Health insurance in The Netherlands was privatised some years ago, however is capped and controlled by the government so almost every insurance costs the same amount.

Healthcare insurance providers for international students

If you are interested in taking out student health insurance, you will be happy to know that various insurance companies offer special packages for international students. Loonzorg, for example, offers two Student Insurance Policies that will cover most unforeseen student health expenses.

Healthcare allowance 

Often, international students who are obligated to take out Dutch health insurance can apply for healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag) to help cover your monthly premiums. Check the requirements for Dutch healthcare allowance.

AON International Student Insurance at Wittenborg 

Wittenborg works with AON, one of the largest insurance companies in the world, to ensure our students get a quality insurance service. Wittenborg students are covered by the most comprehensive package of AON Complete+. Some expenses covered are as follows*:

  • Reimbursement of costs for doctors and hospitals (cost price)
  • Special medical expenses, such as physiotherapy or psychotherapy
  • Dental costs
  • Emergency repatriation (e.g. in the event of unexpectedly having to return to your home country)
  • Private liability (e.g. a bike accident damaging a car in the process)
  • Home contents and personal property, including baggage (e.g. theft from your room, or loss of suitcase during a trip)
  • Legal assistance

The insurance certificate arranged by Wittenborg is valid from the first day of arrival until the end of the first registered study period.

In addition, Wittenborg also assists students in making an appointment with a doctor as well as claiming the expenses afterwards.

*For full details of coverage, please ask for the Policy Conditions.

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