Refund | Non Refund Policy

Below is a summary of the regulations. Please see Wittenborg University's Terms and Conditions within the Education & Examination Guide (EEG) for full details.

Download the Education & Examination Guide (EEG) here:

Cancellation by international applicants

If a new (fully paid) application is stopped before the visa application is started, 25% - in Euro - will be deducted from the total tuition fee when refunded.

If the visa application has already been started, student starts withdraw process with valid reason (documentation proof required), the deduction will be 650. - Euro for visa application and administration costs, plus 25% of the tuition fee.

If the visa has already been picked up by the applicant who wants to stop the rest of the procedure, the refund procedure will be a long legal procedure and the refund will be no more than 20% of the package fee that has been transferred initially.

The above costs of stopping a student's application are only for students who have had their entry visa for Shengen already applied for, by Wittenborg, who is guarantor for these students stay in the Netherlands.

Cancellation by a current registered student

Cancellation of registration by the student has to be done by sending a letter by registered post to the management team. Date of cancellation will be the date of receipt at Wittenborg University.

If not agreed differently in the study agreement, registration is always for a period of one year. Registration for the next academic year will be confirmed after payment of the (first installment of the) tuition fee for the concerning academic year.

Early termination of the study programme during the college year does not lead to refund or remission of the tuition fee.

Only in case the student has to terminate his/her study due to unforeseen special circumstances, a written request with reasons has to be submitted to the management team. Sickness or family circumstances can be examples of special circumstances.

After approval of the management team, deregistration will take place from the second month following the month the student has announced his/her deregistration request to the management team.

Example: request has been submitted in December, student will be entitled for refund and deregistration of the remaining tuition fee as from 1 February. Students have no right to retrieve the already paid tuition fee. Refund of Student Deposit can only be paid after the formal deregistration procedure has been fully completed according to the regulations.

Non Refund Policy

All international student applicants who withdraw their application after an MVV procedure has been started, without a valid reason (documented), or applicants whose application is stopped by Wittenborg, or others, due to illegal documentation or immigration irregularities discovered in their application, will receive no refund, and will be billed for all ensuing costs by the guarantor (Wittenborg).