Understanding the structure

Wittenborg's unique and business-like curriculum is structured in a way that allows students to enter the programme throughout the year;

This means:

  • 6 opportunities per year for graduation;
  • no study delays for students;
  • easy access to parts of the curriculum for semester students;

6 Entry Points - the 'Block System'

6 Entry Points - the 'Block System' at Wittenborg University

All our bachelor's degrees have six entry points and this is achieved through our unique and flexible modular block system. It means students can join 6 times a year and that we have 6 graduation moments every year. The block system means that students are continuously gaining credits and can see their progress immediately after every assessment period.

6 Entry Points at Wittenborg University


A block - teaching, projects and assessment

A block - teaching, projects and assessment

Each block is offered with two teaching weeks followed by a project week or a study week, two further teaching weeks and finally an assessment week.

Generally, 2 modules are taught within each block, each consisting of 24 lesson hours, which ammounts to 12 lesson hours a week. Besides this there are projects, tutoring and guest lectures and seminars.

A block - teaching, projects and assessment