Wittenborg Tuition & Fees - all programmes

A Quick Overview of Standard Programme Fees
BBA - Bachelor's Programmes (Apeldoorn & Amsterdam) - €9,800 per year - Total Cost 3-year degree = €29,400
MBA - Master of Business Administration (Apeldoorn & Amsterdam) - €9,150 per year (Total Cost: 18-24-month degree = €18,300)
MBM - Master of Business Management MSc (Apeldoorn) - €9,150 per year (Total Cost: 18-24-month degree = €18,300)

A Complete Overview of Tuition & Fees
(2023, 2024 & 2025)

MBA - Master of Business Administration (Apeldoorn, Amsterdam all programmes, Total Fee)€18,300
MSc - Master of Business Management (Apeldoorn, all programmes, Total Fee)€18,300
For MBA & MBM students requiring a 3rd-year registration, a re-registration fee of €1,500 will be charged per extra block€1,500
Pre-Master's (6-month programme leading to MBM - always ONLY in combination with the master's degree programme)€4,000
Bachelor of International Business Administration Full-Time (All Programmes in ApeldoornAmsterdam - Every Year)€9,800
!!! EU-NL-UK-Ukraine (see https://www.wittenborg.eu/eu-scholarship-eu-eea-uk-ukraine-students.htm )€4,800
*Bachelor's Full-Time  - Half Year (3 Blocks) Extension Fee€4,900
**Bachelor's Full-Time  - 1-Block Graduation Extension Fee€1,700
English IELTS & Preparation Courses
Preparation Foundation Course (Apeldoorn, 1 Year)€9,800
Preparation Foundation Course (Apeldoorn, ½ Year) - Only in combination with a partial bachelor's fee (€9,800)€4,900
Summer School 
Summer School Programme (Apeldoorn, 2 weeks) - including course participation & course material, social activities, accommodation€1,750
Study Materials & Online Resources 
(Journals & books, software, library, incl. handouts, readers, etc.)
English & Business Preparation Programme (½ Year) or Semester Exchange Students (½ Year)€300
English & Business Preparation Programme (1 Year)€600
Bachelor Programmes (Per Year)€600
Master of Science and Master of Business Administration (Full Programme)€600
Other Optional Fees 
(Only compulsory if study visa support is required)
1-year International Student Health Insurance (Insurance Company: AON)€720
½-year International Student Health Insurance (Insurance Company: AON)€360
Student Accommodation in Apeldoorn (covering 11-14 weeks) €2,200
Visa Application & Administration Costs€650
Note: Tuition fees are exclusive of all external examination fees (such as IELTS).


*The Bachelor Half Year (3-Blocks) Extension Fee is only applicable for Wittenborg current students who have obtained 200 European Credits within their respective programme.

**The Bachelor 1 Block Graduation Extension Fee is only applicable for Wittenborg current students who have obtained 220 European Credits within their respective programme, and only have their Graduation Assignment left to complete.

Notes on Fees: All international students entering the programmes from abroad or from another Dutch Higher Education Institute and requiring a (TEV) Student Visa are required to pay a full package fee (including the tuition fee) as part of their application. 

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