Agents & Representatives

Wittenborg Agent Representative Network

Wittenborg works with agent representatives who live and work in our students' home countries. The agents are very important for us because they are able to give advice, counselling and support to our students in a number of different situations.

Wittenborg agent representatives have worked with us over the years to provide:

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The Front Desks

Each Wittenborg location has a front desk service, although at the main campus in Apeldoorn there are two - one in each building - Spoorstraat and Laan van Mensenrechten.

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Induction Day

Arriving at Wittenborg University

The Introduction Programme for New Students is meant to help students get started at Wittenborg University as easily as possible.  The programme is often spread out over two days the week before your programme starts.

Induction is structured as follows:

General Introduction

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Student Support

Welcome to the Student Support Office!

Wittenborg has two types of student tutor support systems, one for academic issues and one for non-academic issues. The University has an open door policy which means that students find all staff easily accessible during office hours on the days they are working. Also Wittenborg Online and Office365 make it easy for students to contact the correct staff member about any issue. Wittenborg is also small enough to allow students to have easy and direct contact with management, if they wish.