BBA (MCI) Specialisation in Business Analytics

Course Details
Course Name

BBA Specialisation in Business Analytics

Course Type

Bachelor (European Qualifications Level 6)

Course Sector

Marketing Communication & Information

Course Duration

3-4 Years


240 European Credits

Entry Points Per Year

6 x entry per year possible

Next Starting Date(s)

26 August 2024, 14 October 2024, 2 December 2024

Degree or Qualification

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), registered under CROHO 39239, B Bachelor Business Administration



Tuition Fee

Annual: €9,800 or €4,800 (NL & EU)

Scholarship Award


Students who choose the Marketing & Communication pathway of the BBA degree, and the specialisation in Business Analytics are often interested in the technology and information strategies, especially in the field of digitalisation, marketing & sales, that supports companies and organisations. It is a challenging programme and fully packed with business, marketing and information data projects.

All Bachelor of Business Administration students complete a series of broad marketing and information management modules, alongside modules in finance and organisation management. Those students who choose the pathway MCI with the specialisation in Data Analytics are introduced to the aspects of technology and data analysis that will affect the success of marketing and information strategies of the company or organisation.

Marketing Communication & Information (MCI) comprises a combination of business marketing strategies, branding and the way that businesses and organisations promote themselves to the outside world. It is the business of creating a constant image that will promote the company, its ideals and its products. Marketing & Communication penetrates deeper than just the production of printed or online material, it deals with the way an organisation communicates its messages, both internally and externally.

Business Administrators dealing with the Marketing & Communication strategies of a company are constantly looking at the systems in place, at the human resources and the way in which they are managed, at the supply chain and at the sales pipeline – all areas affected directly by the marketing and communication strategy.

Marketing & Communication deals with branding, imaging, house style, and also with crisis management, downsizing and re-inventing – Marketing & Communication specialists are at the forefront of Business Administration!

Course Content

The bachelor of business administration MCI pathway, with specialisation in Business Analytics is aimed at developing the skills and competencies that an analyst working in the communications department or the ICT department of a company or organisation requires.

Alongside the overall MCI subjects such as 'Mass Communication', 'Public Relations' and 'Company Branding', the specialisation modules have a focus on Business Analytics and include subjects such as 'Introduction to Data Management & Processing' and 'Managing & Visualizing Data'.

In the Final Year students complement the core of their bachelor with strategic subjects such as 'Modelling for Business Analytics' & 'Predictive Analytics'.

Business Analytics specialisation students in the MCI pathway will complete their work experience, projects and graduation assignment within the field of business analytics for companies and organisations!

A full overview of the curriculum can be found here in Part 3 of the Graduation & Examination Guide.

The Industry

Careers in the field of Marketing, Communication & Information vary a great deal, as the profession of business administration comprises many facets and activities. There are many opportunities, but they all have a number of things in common, including the stewardship of a concept, a service or a brand and the understanding of needs and requirements both externally from customers and relations, and internally from the organisation or company itself. The communication of a marketing strategy or a branding of a product or a service is paramount to the success of a Marketing,  Communications and Information department in any organisation.

Those with skills and knowledge of MCI from a Data Analytics mindset form the backbone of modern marketing, sales or ICT departments, which are often intertwined through the digitalisation of business and organisations.

Business Analytics as an industry can be seen as being part of a company or organisation, or standing as an independent product, for instance through consultancy or cloud based web services.

Career Prospects

All graduates of the BBA MCI pathway are able to continue their studies with a Master of Science programme, such as the MBM in Digital Marketing & Communication. Wittenborg graduates always receive a €3,000 scholarship for the Wittenborg MSc programmes.

Marketing, communications and information specialists are required in every company in every industry, so the career potential is unlimited. Those that have specialised in Business Analytics could consider examples such as: 

Marketing Research Analyst
Marketing research analysts collect and examine data on market trends, consumer behaviour and especially customer and sales and pipeline interactions. Through quantitative or qualitative research internally and externally analysts assist clients and colleagues in understanding insights that will drive sales of products and services, or communication strategies.

Process Analyst
A process analyst is orient involved in improving business performance and processes through strategic analysis. Working with organisations and businesses and within marketing and ICT teams, process analysts review internal systems and develop strategies to drive improvement - Process Analysts can be part of internal organisations, or acting as independent consultants.

Data scientist
Similar to business analysts, data scientists use a combination of technical and analytical skills to translate large amounts of data into meaningful solutions to business problems. Data scientists share insights and data models to help companies make objective decisions.

Other career opportunities could include fields such as:

  • Market Research
  • Brand Management
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Consultancy
  • Social Media Management
  • GoogleAds Management
  • NGO ICT departments
  • Charities
  • Local Government Communication Departments

Many Wittenborg graduates have found direct employment in small-sized marketing and communication companies, and some have started their own agencies. These students understand that developing marketing and internal and external communication strategies for companies can be extremely lucrative, specialised work, and that success is often found in made-to-measure solutions. Graduates have also found careers in non-profit and government organisations, working in areas such as public relations and international communication.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements - Bachelor Programmes
High School Diploma or final certificate, equivalent to the Netherlands HAVO or MBO level-4 diploma / UK AS & A-Level or BTEC. Please contact the Admissions Office to receive High School diploma comparisons. Advanced Placement / Credit Transfer Possible - please see Credit Transfer & Accreditation of Prior Learning at WUASfor more information.

English Language Requirements
IELTS 6 or TOEFL equivalent. Click here for an overview of the equivalent scores.
TOEFL Code of Wittenborg is 4889.

Not got the English level requirements? Find out about our Foundation Programme here.


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