Egon Zank, MBA

Egon Zank, MBA

Senior Lecturer

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Egon Zank, MBA, has more than two decades of professional training, teaching and coaching experience. He guides global acting engineering, pharmaceutical and car manufacturing organisations on their operational and organisational development journeys.
Egon holds a diploma in Business Administration specialised in international management from Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Being a subject matter expert, Egon holds a variety of certificates for adult educational topics from accredited institutions.
Besides his appointment at Wittenborg, he is also the Head of Academy at an international cybersecurity consulting company. Additionally, Egon acts as the Lead Sales Trainer for one of the world’s leading engineering solution providers. Having delivered sales and service concepts for Audi on a global scale, Egon was responsible for various Train-the-Trainer and Leadership/Management Development programmes.

Teaching Domains

Sales Communication and Negotiation

Business and Intercultural Communication

Leadership and Management

HR Training and Coaching