Amy M. Abdou, MA, MA

Amy M. Abdou, MA, MA
Senior Lecturer of Applied Sciences
Country of Origin

United States of America & The Netherlands

By Appointment

Amy M. Abdou, MA, MA, Senior Lecturer of Applied Sciences, teaches at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences and IES Study Abroad. She is also a PhD candidate in the department of Science Business Innovation at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Amy’s research focuses the impact of subsidised social entrepreneurship on migrant communities in Amsterdam Zuidoost. She is frequently invited to speak on topics related to social entrepreneurship and leadership.

Teaching Domains
Accountancy and Controlling

Project Management

Social Entrepreneurship


Management and Organisation Studies

Entrepreneurial Behaviour

Sociology and Organisational Behaviour

Research Domains

Subsidised Social Entrepreneurship

Supplemental Education

Government-funded STEM and STEAM programs for pupils with a migration background

Ethnic Entrepreneurship


Industrial Domains

Business Education

International Education

Research and International Program Development

Sustainable Furniture Retail


Research Profile