Faculty - Practice Academics

Given that WUAS has committed to raising its faculty qualifications to a ratio of 60% of teaching staff having a PhD / Doctoral qualification by 2021, this does not mean that the quality of teach-ing and learning by business practitioners will be limited. A continuous growth of teaching staff is foreseen, and WUAS will continue to attract Practice Academics, further developing a policy of engaging teaching staff that have a proven record in research and have clear links with the professional field.

Teaching Faculty / Practitioners

Myra Qiu

Myra Qiu, MSc, FHEA, is originally from Qingdao, China graduated with her Bachelor Business Administration in International Logistics Management at HAN University of Applied Sciences. She then went on to complete her MSc in Event Management and a PGCert in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, a joint programme with the University of Brighton and Wittenborg University. Myra is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the United Kingdom.

She started working at Wittenborg since February 2014 and is a key member of the teams of Event Management, China Desk, and Education Operations. In addition she also coordinates the Academic Partnership Programmes with universities in Europe and Asian countries. 

Kriszta Rostas MSc

Kriszta Rostas, MSc, in 2015 she obtained her master diploma at Utrecht University in International Business and Economics on International Management track. In parallel with her master program, she has worked as project assistant and researcher at the lectureship of International Business at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. At wittenborg University she is conducting research for the education department.

Lasantha De Silva MBA MA

Lasantha De Silva, MBA, MA, originally from the Banking sector, had a career change to Education in 2008. He comes with a strong managerial background in South Asia, the Middle East and Europe. He applies innovative ideas, adapts to varying work situations and is flexible in approach to resolving challenges, fosters innovative solutions, and creates a work culture that rewards teamwork and cooperation. An alumnus of Wittenborg, having completed both his second masters - MBA in Finance in 2018 and bachelor's in Financial Services Management in 2008, he completed his first master's in Leadership, Innovation and Change Management from University of York St John. Having taught in the programmes of London School of Economics, Monash University, Herriot Watt University and Birmingham City University and at Wittenborg, his areas of lecturing are: Accounting, Finance, Banking and Financial Intermediation. Apart from his passion for teaching, he is also an expert in Trans-national Education, Education Management, Financial Modelling and Change Management.

George Bosire, MBA

George Bosire, MBA - A lecturer and researcher with expertise in finance, business process and other business courses. An excellent communicator, team player result driven and eager to facilitate career development realization to my students. A believer of goal oriented synergies drawn from the recognition of unique strengths of the organization pillars in operations to the overall mission and vision.

Roland Ritmeester MBA

Roland Ritmeester, MBA, always considers ‘enhancing the free flow of knowledge’ as the focus of all his activities, be it as teacher, trainer, manager, entrepreneur, or business consultant. He creates the best conditions and facilitates the learning experience for individuals as well as groups. He brings a lot of business experience to the table, about start-ups, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, finance and knowledge of the intricacies of (international) management, business development, and C-suites. His passion and sense of humour are unfailing. His approach is hands on, research and team based. He is a lateral thinker, pragmatic, creative, context aware and structurally good natured. He started in the education industry at Elsevier, first as a sales executive and then as content developer and trainer. In his career as business developer, consultant, and manager, he develops and gives training and workshops, and has worked as a part-time lecturer at universities of applied science, most recently at the University of Groningen (a project for the course Technology-Enabled Innovation) and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (minor UXD).

Wybe Popma MSc

Wybe Popma, MSc, graduated from the University of Twente in Industrial Engineering & Management. He is a Principal Lecturer in Marketing at Brighton Business School. He also teaches at the University of Montpellier and has held positions at Sussex University, Erasmus University, ETH Zurich and Twente University. His main research interests revolve around "Marketing and Innovation in relation to Competition" as well as "Ethics in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility."

René Rijnders, MSc

René Rijnders, MSc - has worked for the Dutch Board of the Hotel and Catering Industry for many years, focussing on Labour Market Research, Food Safety and Future Hospitality. He has participated in a number of publications on using the Design Thinking approach in concept development in hospitality. In 2013 he entered Education at Saxion Hospitality Business School and is currently appointed to NHTV Breda and Wittenborg University of Applies Sciences.

Emmah Nyambura Muchoki MSc

Emmah Nyambura Muchoki MSc, holds her master degree in Leisure, Tourism and Environment from Wageningen University, 2018. She attained her BSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management in 2007. She became a lecturer at Hemland College in Hospitality and Tourism in 2010. From 2014 to 2016, she was Head of School of Hospitality, Tourism and Foreign Languages at Hemland College. Emmah is currently a lecturer at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in the subject of Administrative Organisation.

Tanya Dimitrova MA

Tanya Dimitrova, MA,  gained her MA in Marketing and Management in 1999 from the University of National and World Economics, Sofia, and in 2011 she got a Diploma in Digital Marketing from London CAM Foundation. She is a lecturer at Holland University of Applied Sciences for the subjects of Marketing Research, International Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing, Digital Marketing, Destination and Tourism and Hospitality Marketing. She is also a course developer and course coordinator at the same university. For two years she was a sales specialist in Cosmo Bulgaria Ltd. – GloBul, Sofia, Bulgaria, managing the supply of mobile phones and accessories, contracting with the vendors, organising the logistics, the warehousing, and distribution to the end sales points and dealers, invoicing and collaborating closely with the financial department and preparing sales reports and analysis. Tanya started her collaboration with Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in 2004 as an International Office Front Desk Administrator. She continued working at Wittenborg as an education department coordinator and, in 2008, she became Wittenborg's Education Manager. Currently, Tanya lectures at Wittenborg in the subject of Digital Marketing.

Wim Oonk MBA

Wim Oonk, MBA, graduated from the London Business School in Master Business Administration. Throughout his varied career, he has accomplished many developments, training, and consultancy assignments within the financial, industrial, commercial and public sector. As an all-round trainer, he is able to complete complex projects and programmes in close cooperation with the HR department within the scope defined by the organisation and the required time framework. His experience ranges from many different responsibilities to the operational core, and always service-oriented to the requirements of the customer. He is used to developing, preparing, and executing training according to the required law, regulations, and operating procedures.   

Fjorentina Muco, MSc

Fjorentina Muco, MSc Graduated in English Philology with a MSc in Methodology. She has been working with academic curricula for more than 10 years including students from lower education as well as higher education. She loves to train new generations for their tomorrow’s professional life. Teaching inexperienced students can be quite a great responsibility which demands not only professionalism but insights as well. Due to this reason it makes your work a lot more serious.

Marjon van Opijnen, MSc, MA

Marjon van Opijnen, MSc, MA   interest and work in economic and societal transition made her realise that also sustainability has its boundaries when we remain focused on our current systems and make sustainability part of this. The question "How do we want to relate with each other and with our environment" is an important focus in her work and reaches beyond sustainability and our current existing economic and societal systems. "For me the answer to this question is a fundament for the system we are heading to, which is much more value and social based. I'd like to take an active role in this transition."Marjon van Opijnen

Sylvia Wels, MBA

Sylvia Wels, MBA - studied biology and environmental studies and worked for 28 years as an environmental consultant, process manager and senior policy specialist for an environmental department in Utrecht. In this period she was a chairman of the working group 'culture change', during organizational development process that has led to the drawing up of a Balanced Scorecard. Besides that she worked as a manager in her own ict company.  After a job change she started working as a change manager and teacher at the Waldorfschool in Zeist. She finished her MBA with a research in confidence in leadership in relation the the change readiness of the employees. As of 2016 she is a lecturer at Wittenborg university.

Maria Mulder Karadimou MBA

Maria Mulder Karadimou, MBA, graduated from the Webster University of Leiden in Master of Business Administration. She is a treasury and finances professional with 14 years of experience at European head offices of large US corporates and Dutch enterprises. She is highly motivated and seeks continuous personal improvement. Her MBA helped her expand her business skills. She takes a holistic view of the entire organisation. She is keen on projects, and has a strong affinity with IT and ERP systems.

Marc de Jong, MA

Marc de Jong, MA   - has experience as conference manager in Germany, he shifted to teaching Business German to professionals at Open Universities and to students in Office Management and Management Assistance. Moreover, He is providing his experience and expertise in internationalisation to the Dutch National Agency of Erasmus+. This involves regular assessing of project bids as well as follow-up reports. At Wittenborg University, it is his great pleasure to enrich international students with the vibrant and creative German language, culture and society. "My lessons will empower you to discover it yourself!

Esther Bakker-Gitonga

Esther Gitonga, MSc, after graduating with honours in Hospitality & Tourism Management at Kenyatta University, came to the Netherlands to study at Wageningen University. Esther has a master's degree in Leisure, Tourism & Environmental Studies. She is currently preparing for her PhD at Wageningen University, in a joint supervision with Wittenborg, in which she is exploring climate change adaptation options for marginalised, tourism-dependent communities in Africa. Esther is fascinated about travel.

Melike Almaz-Nieuwenburg, MSc

Melike Almaz-Nieuwenburg, MSc , MSc - By working in audit and control areas Melike has 8 years of professional banking experience. She combined her professional experience with relevant academic background with 2 master studies in Banking and financial management.

Mariví Martinez Brocca, MSc

Mariví Brocca, MSc - graduated in Law and she studied to become a Tax Inspector but she changed her professional direction. She has worked as a language teacher since 2001. In 2004 she met her husband in Seville (Spain), first they moved to Lisbon and in 2009  to Utrecht, where they live now. Now she combines working for bigger organizations as a Spanish teacher with her small language school, Las Naranjas.

Andreas Ooijer MSc

Andreas Ooijer, MSc, graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is a passionate lecturer, who develops and teaches courses and in-company workshops based on 15+ years of business experience. Developing and teaching bachelor's and master's courses, academic supervision of bachelor's thesis projects, developing course manuals, designing exams, and coordinating the Entrepreneurship & Business Administration Programme, are his responsibilities at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences.

Bert Meeuwsen, MBA Med

Bert Meeuwsen, MBA, MEd, is born in the Netherlands has lived in Hong Kong and Bangkok. Bert has organization sciences research on: ‘Interventional preferences due to organization cultural differences of personnel within the Netherlands’ Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan’; ‘Perception positioning, and consultancy to management, of a school for secondary education in the Greater Rotterdam Area’; ‘Adult education as change intervention’, within implementation of enterprise resources planning system’ With his international experience he is educating Wittenborg students.

Getjan Lammers BA, PMP

Getjan Lammers, BA, PMP, graduated from the Netherlands Scientific Institute for Tourism & Leisure Studies (NWIT). He is a dynamic business project manager with 25+ years of national and international experience in operations, customer service, and general management in healthcare and supply chain. Tactically strong, diplomatic, and firm on execution, he has lead business change by innovating, creating, and delivering new tools to teams, working on operational excellence in order to maximise employee and customer happiness.
Positive and energetic, Getjan shows a trusted track of implementing end-2-end chain projects in air network operations, customer service, and crisis & security management. He is also experienced in marketing & sales, with a unique combination to understand customers and processes. In solution development for national and international accounts, connecting partners to provide an honest operational performance insight, he generates value, and his love for organising and getting things done makes him strong in communication and implementation. Continuous improvement is his focus, and he is trained in EFQM, DSDM, LEAN and Scrum, Agile (ACP).

Jayne Luscombe, MA

Jayne Luscombe, MA,  holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Sussex and an MA in International Event Management from the University of Brighton. She has worked at a blue-chip financial services institution - Pricewaterhouse Coopers specialising in organising regular corporate events and international recruitment events for them. She joined University of Brighton in 2006.

Peter Saes, MA

Peter Saes, MA, graduated from University of Amsterdam (MA Ling), University of Nottingham (MA Eng Studies) and University of Applied Sciences (TTC) Utrecht. Peter has two businesses of his own in language acquisition and services and develops language learning courses. Peter Seas is lecturing the intensive Dutch Languages course as well as the Dutch as a second language modules.

Radostina Zasheva, MSc

Radostina Zasheva, MSc is part of the Faculty team for our Hospitality program. She is a researcher, writer trainer and lecturer. With her expertise she is able to provide education towards different cultures. She has conducted research in gender specific leisure time between Dutch and Bulgarian Woman

Hans Nillesen, MSc

Hans Nillesen, MSc is a Senior Manager with 25+ years of international management, project management and strategy consulting experience, serving global electricity, gas and water utility markets as well as airports, airlines, rail, public transport and other infrastructure. Very experienced interim manager, line, program, project and contract manager and manager/ director of business units, joint ventures and consortia. Robust, motivated and perseverant, strategic and innovative, practically oriented but bearing in mind man as well as organizational goals.  A team builder and organizer, coach and - if necessary - mediator.

Jan Kooiman, MA

Jan Kooiman, MA, is a seasoned financial and business operations executive with a demonstrated track record of significant measurable improvements in revenue, cost reductions, and operational efficiencies. He worked for the accounting and audit firm Peat Marwick (KPMG) before stepping into the professional world as deputy CFO and board member of Sony Europe. Jan is a qualified transactional Six Sigma Black Belt and Instructor, and is adjunct Professor of Finance, Business, and Accounting at the Webster and Leiden University, teaching MBA, CMA, and MSc Corporate Finance and Management Accounting. Jan is also the program manager and acknowledged subject matter expert of the US Certified Management Accounting (CMA) programme at the Webster University Graduate Centre at the WTC Amsterdam. Jan combines business experience and thought leadership with the rigour of academic discipline. Jan holds the professional position of VP Financial Business Process Improvement (SEP - Smart Enterprise Processes) at Genpact Netherlands.

Remy de Wit MSc

Remy de Wit, MSc, is an MSc graduate in Coaching and Sports Management. He has been active in many short-term board groups and advisory panels as president, co-director, and as advisory member. Organisations include: NOC/nsf, the Dutch Basketball Federation, City of Amsterdam, Municipality of Apeldoorn, and foundations acting at national and international level.

Jaap Vink MSc

Jaap Vink, MSc, graduated from Erasmus University in Rotterdam in Political Science - Research Methodology, Data Analysis & Statistics. He has extensive experience in helping senior management to implement advanced analytics (predictive analytics, machine learning) to increase customer value and to improve customer relations, financial results, and operational processes across industries. He is a 'translator' who can function as an interface between business, analysts & IT. He also has been helping customers leverage advanced analytics for decision making on both structured and unstructured data since 1985.

Christine Kalibbala MSc

Christine Kalibbala MSc, graduated from Maastricht University in International Law and Globalisation. She is experienced in Legal and Regulatory Analysing, and dealing with various trends in international law, and how content can be developed to meet customer needs, digitalisation of products, and research in respect of cross-border legal issues, liaising with product developers and fellow lawyers with a view to establishing key products necessary for legal practitioners, research from both the perspective of litigators and prosecutors. She also lectures first- and third-year students on issues pertaining to EU law including competition law, intellectual property, international sale of goods, Rome and Brussels, dispute resolution mechanisms, litigation, international public affairs, and stakeholder management.

Emmanuel Ekpenyong MBA

Emmanuel Ekpenyong, MBA, graduated from the École des Hautes Études Commerciales in Master of Business Administration. He has experience of over 18 years working with international companies. He possesses outstanding leadership, strategic management, teaching, business development, programme design, and presentation skills, and hopes to use these experiences to support the school to meet its objectives. Emmanuel is currently reading for his PhD at Radboud University in the Netherlands.

Sander Oude Luttikhuis MBA

Sander Oude Luttikhuis, MBA, holds a master degree in from Erasmus University Rotterdam and a postdoctoral degree in Business Valuation from Rotterdam School of Management. He started his career in 2002 as Financial Trainee at the municipality of Rotterdam where he worked on projects at the Port of Rotterdam. He then started working at the Port of Rotterdam as Project Manager Property Transactions in 2003. After working in the port for two years, he became M&A Consultant at the M&A boutique Troostwijk Introman. Early 2007, he started at Zanders Corporate Finance where he eventually became Director Corporate Finance. In this function, he was responsible for the Merger & Acquisition practice of Zanders until 2013. In his career, Sander has been involved in many equity and debt transactions, and with this experience he founded Capax Capital Partners in 2013. In 2014 Capax Capital Partners and Aon decided to collaborate on certain capital market transactions. Sander is leveraging his expertise and international network towards Aon Risk & Capital Market Solutions.

Robert Goedegebuure PhD

Robert Goedegebuure, PhD, is the founder and director of StatMind BV, a company specialised in the development of statistical courses. Currently, he is setting up DBA and PhD programmes in Africa, with European universities and local partners in Africa (among others, Eastern and Southern African Management Institute; ESAMI). In addition, he holds a position as a lecturer/researcher at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. He has worked as Associate Professor of International Business & Marketing at the Maastricht School of Management (MSM, Netherlands) for more than ten years and has been affiliated Professor at Centrum Catolica (Lima, Peru). He is Research Fellow at Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam, and Academic Associate at HPO Centre, Netherlands. He holds a PhD in International Business from Erasmus University/Rotterdam School of Management.

Frans Boumans MSc

Frans Boumans, MSc, graduated from Rotterdam Erasmus University in Business Economics and has an Executive MBA from the University of Rochester/William E. Simon School of Management. He has lectured (MBA) courses in different business schools for over 20 years. During the first years, the instruction took place in the Netherlands and Germany but expanded later on to different countries around the globe. Since 2010, he has been involved in several consultancy activities. He is experienced in consultancy and applied research for the Research Group FAI (Financial-Economic Advice in Innovation) of university of applied sciences in Utrecht (new business model for financial intermediaries and Smart Grids, for bank assurance and energy companies (2011 and 2012), also for VU project with DSI (2014). He is also experienced in the setting up of IaH projects and summer school courses for HU in St Petersburg and Moscow.

Clive Davis MBA

Clive Davis, MBA, graduated from the Open University in Business Administration. He is an international sales and marketing professional with over 30 years’ experience in addressing the challenges of business growth in multi-cultural environments. Having led a multi-disciplinary team for the marketing of a diverse range of hi-tech test and measurement products and solutions, he stepped down as the European BU and Marketing Manager for Yokogawa Test & Measurement in order to use his creativity and passion for learning to help develop a range of businesses. His extensive knowledge and experience, and a talent to learn quickly, provide the competence to examine problems and situations from different perspectives, and to find and implement innovative solutions. His ability to see the bigger picture is complemented by an excellent eye for detail.

Theodoor van Breevoort MA

Theodoor van Breevoort, MA, graduated from Rotterdam School of Management in Business Valuation. He provides management teams and owners in B2B with a helping hand in results improvement, with profit contribution analysis and management. His contribution starts with getting the facts on the table and goes on to implementing change. In addition, he likes to transfer his economic knowledge and business experience as a lecturer or a coach. He helped wholesale companies realise substantial results improvements (financial and customer satisfaction) by implementing customer profitability analysis and management, and improving the customer order process.

Guido de Jager MSc

Guido de Jager, MSc, graduated from Radboud Catholic University Nijmegen in Mass Communications. He is internationally experienced in marketing communication, through-the-line brand building. He has a strong project management background, including strategy development, 360 degrees concept development, execution, and financial responsibilities. He has direct and indirect management skills with multinational and multi-location teams. He also has financial and negotiation skills.

Bas Schreurs MA

Bas Schreurs, MA, is a lecturer in IBA Sport Business Management at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. Bas graduated with an IBA Sport, Management & Business from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and an MA in Sports Policy and Sports Management from Utrecht University. During his master's, he participated in a research project about the 'legacy' of the Olympic Games 2012. Bas's career started as advisor at the Dutch Institute of Sports and Movement in 2010. From 2011 to 2018, he worked for the professional football organisation FC Twente, first as project leader, secondly as Head of Player Guidance, and since 2016 as policy coordinator.

Julia Skobeleva PhD

Julia Skobeleva, PhD, graduated from the Academy of Postgraduate Education in Cross-Cultural Psychology, focusing on Industrial/Organisational Psychology, Economic Psychology. Julia has 15 years of rigorous teaching experience in the international classroom (8 years in Austrian-accredited universities). Proficient at inspiring students to achieve their best, she is a recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award and has the ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with students of different national and cultural backgrounds, while maintaining impartiality and objectivity. More than 40 students successfully defended their master's theses under her scientific supervision. She is a Member of the Board of Directors, Association of Certified Book-Keepers and Auditors, and has received the Excellence in Leadership Award.

Sven Willemsen MSc, MBM

Sven Willemsen, MSc, MBM, has been an entrepreneur for many years in sports, health and the creative industries. He is a formal part-time research programme manager, brand researcher and international media and brand lecturer at the HU University of Applied Sciences. As an independent (online) brand & marketing strategist he worked for various corporates, brand agencies, SMEs and funded start-ups mainly related to the creative, sports and health industries. He holds a master's in cultural psychology and brand management. Sven has studied and published on city, region and cluster brand management within the area of green economics. He is interested in sports, (digital) brands, marketing, media, psychology, economics, innovation, tech, business and law (IP/sports). His key business orientations are Europe & Brazil.

Ashley Foy Tervoort MA

Ashley Foy Tervoort MA, has an MA in German Literature from Tufts University. She also has the lecturer certification of "Foundation Course Didactic Competence (BDB)" and also "Training for International Learning and Teaching", from The Hague University Centre for Teaching & Learning. She gained her BA in German Studies, with European Union Studies and Psychology, from Central Connecticut State University. In 2010, she started to teach German and English in different universities and institutions. Ashley was a German teacher for the German School of Connecticut in the USA for 3 years. In 2012, she was a teaching assistant for German Language and Yiddish culture & literature courses at Tufts University. From 2013 to 2014, she taught business English and English for children for the Berlitz Language Company, Germany. In mid-2014, she became an English teacher in the English Center, the Netherlands. Ashley became an English and German lecturer for European Studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and is now an Educational Advisor (middle management) at the European School Bergen, and also an English-PDP Academic English and Intercultural Management lecturer at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences.

Bob Dyson

Bob Dyson graduated from The University of Manchester (UK) in Management Sciences. He subsequently attended the Small Business School in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).
He has held several senior management and directors positions in international companies. He now works as a consultant with Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners where he advises companies and organisations on business strategy, organisation and (financial)planning. He is a part-time Snr. lecturer in management and organisation at Avans School of International Studies, Breda, The Netherlands. He also organises workshops in entrepreneurship for the University of Tilburg.

Hans van Halteren

Hans van Halteren, is an expert in training and guiding teacher/management teams who are in the process of implementation of competence-based learning. He has consulting experience in education management and is specialised in business and commercial-related education and practical education. Designer of the 'College Company' concept, Hans has a creative mind and is able to enthuse management teams with improvement processes. Hans is a certified 'International Operation Agent.' He is businesslike and straightforward, but is familiar with intercultural differences, a reliable, persevering communicator, creative thinker, and networker.

Lucinda Douglas

Lucinda Douglas - She is an inspirator. She loves the people aspect. She believes that if you inspire people, they are more than willing to “change”. Without inspiration and living examples, people are just not able to reach the next level. She is often hired in by companies to conduct Sales Symposia. Hired in by entrepreneurs and networks to speak on Yes You Can achieve your goals and she loves helping entrepreneurs with visibility.

Drs. Ing Emiel Schiphorst MBA, SMP

Drs. Ing. Emiel Schiphorst MBA, SMP at Wittenborg University. Experienced Marketing Professional. Wide network and over 12 years’ experience in Marketing, Sales and New Product Development. Professional in leading international marketing, sales and new product development teams. Certified Senior Marketing Professional (SMP). Examiner in the specialism Marketing & Sales for the Dutch Institute of Marketing (NIMA). Author of the book Product Management® (2008, 2012 second edition) from Pearson Education, with practical marketing management cases from Heineken BeerTender® and ReadSupport®.

Jan Hendrik Hoekjen PhD

Jan Hendrik Hoekjen, PhD, graduated from Universiteit van Groningen, "MA History – Cultural History" in 2012. He obtained his doctoral degree in 2018 from the Universiteit van Utrecht. His dissertation was about ‘Pars melior nostri. The Structure of Spinoza’s Intellect’. (Analysis of the instrumental and structural importance of the notion ‘intellect’ in Spinoza’s metaphysics). He has a broad range of work experience, among which are: Editor, Inside Information (1998 – 2007),Chief Editor, Inside Information (2007-present), Literary Editor, Uitgeverij Gelderland (2010-present), Teacher, Office Academy (2010-present), Education Coordinator, Office Academy (2017-present). He is currently a lecturer at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences.

Trinidad Navarro MBA

Trinidad Navarro, MBA, graduated with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Spain, and obtained a Master of Business Administration in Hotel and Tourism Management in Switzerland. He worked for more than 15 years in the hospitality field in various international companies and roles such as operations management and business development, before working as Hospitality Management Lecturer in Suzhou, China. Trinidad loves teaching and sharing his experiences and expertise with students. He has conducted several sustainable projects in China with students and the local community to bring awareness of the importance of green practices in tourism, businesses, and daily life.