Daniel O' Connell

Daniel O' Connell
Head of English Dep. & Foundation Programme
Country of Origin
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Daniel O'Connell entered into his father's business of bookstore and ordinance surveyor supplier in Ireland after completion of his secondary education. In 1979, Daniel moved to California and worked as a graphic photographer for a now-defunct company named Ananda Publications.

After in-house training and work-experience in Graphic Photography in the USA in the later part of the 1970s, Daniel returned to London and entered a 3-year course in Homeopathy and Flower Remedies of Dr Bach in London. To finance this study, he started up a tofu business using a little-known food-recipe and developed a market within the very narrow range of natural-food outlets that existed at the time. Nowadays, this market is widely established and extremely popular. Following a number of years of private practice and an entrepreneurial project in natural foods, he returned to Dublin, Ireland and completed a TEFL diploma.

Daniel has been a lecturer of English at Wittenborg since 2004. As Head of the English Department, his main responsibilities surround the coordination of the Foundation/Support Programme and also acts as the facilitator for Personal Development Planning (PDP) module for both Phase 1 and 2. 

Expertise / Subjects
Teaching English
Personal Development Plan
IELTS Examining