Ingmar Niemann, MA

Ingmar Niemann, MA, Lecturer


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Ingmar has more than two decades of teaching experience at universities and as a speaker at companies, political foundations and political parties. He holds a master's degree in Philosophy, Japanese Studies and Law from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany, and a Diploma in Political Science from Hochschule für Politik, Munich. Ingmar also studied Economics at Allianz Management Institute Munich and holds a University Certificate in Economic Philosophy from the Open University of Hagen, Germany.

Besides his appointment at Wittenborg, he is also a senior lecturer in Germany at New European College, Munich, Technical University, Munich, University of Kempten, Savings Bank Academy Bavaria in Landshut, and in Hungary at the Budapest Business School. Ingmar also taught two semesters at Vilnius University in Lithuania, for 17 years at the Bavarian School of Public Policy in Munich, 10 years at the EU Business School, Munich, and 5 years at Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Ingmar has worked for many years as a consultant for scientific contacts and coordinator of the Center of Competence Education and Science at Allianz Headquarters in Munich. For a year, he was Head of General Business Studies at the EU Business School before he founded his own consulting company in 2017. Between 2002 and 2016, he was also board member of Foreign Affairs Association e.v. in Munich. In recent years, his major field of research has been Asia, where he is focusing on the situation of Tibet as well as of the international relations of Japan.

Teaching Domains

Political Science and Philosophy

International and EU-law

International Economics, Globalisation and Intercultural Management

Micro-/Macroeconomics and Insurance

International Corporate Sustainability