Tina Huesing, PhD

Tina Huesing, PhD, Lecturer

Tina Huesing, PhD

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Tina Huesing, PhD, holds a PhD in global leadership and an MBA. Next to her appointment at Wittenborg, she is a senior lecturer at New European College, Germany, and senior consultant at Wyrmwood Consulting.  Previously, she taught at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Jawaharlal University, New Delhi, India, and Tongji University, Shanghai, China. She has also worked as a senior director at Motorola. 

Tina’s research addresses the need businesses have for leaders who are effective across cultural and geographic boundaries. An article based on her dissertation in 2018 won a publisher’s “outstanding contribution” award. She presents her research findings at annual conferences of the Academy of Management and the International Leadership Association. Her main research theme is global leadership, primarily within the domains of management and international business. Her current research aims at improving the effectiveness of leaders who influence a range of internal and external constituents from multiple national cultures and jurisdictions in a context characterised by significant levels of task and relationship complexity.