Isaac Acheampong, PhD

Isaac Acheampong, PhD


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Isaac Acheampong, PhD, received his degree from the University of Bradford, UK, MSc-Strategic Management from Erasmus University, the Netherlands, and PhD in Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy from California University FCE, US. Isaac has more than 35 years of management and consultancy experience both in private and public sector institutions. He worked with Ingenieursbureau Oranjewoud for 12 years and in the mid-90s he established his own consulting company, Archie Consult. He accepted an appointment with Amsterdam City Council as Programme Manager for the Social & Economic Renewal Programme under the European Regional Development Funds Program (ERDF). For a period of 10 years, Isaac was also the Board Chairman of the Almere International Samenwerk Foundation, which has as its objective the promotion of business collaboration and socio-economic programmes in upcoming, developing  economies in Africa.  

Isaac is at the moment a part-time lecturer at the Stichting Noorani Islamic Research Institute where he teaches Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy, and also chairs the Examination Commission of the Business Management programmes. Isaac lectures in International Business, Strategic Management and Strategic Communication & Branding at Wittenborg. 

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Organisational Behavior