Joop Remmé PhD

Joop Remmé PhD
Country of Origin

The Netherlands

By appointment

Joop Remmé, PhD, graduated from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in Philosophy. From his competence and within a network of professionals, he offers services around stakeholder management, Code of Conduct/Corporate Values and Integrity Management. He is experienced at creating and facilitating learning networks and stakeholder networks, also experienced at preparing managers for corporate social responsibility and sustainability, focusing on stakeholder dialogue. He also teaches at the Maastricht School of Management, at locations such as Kigali, Kuwait, Nanjing, and Cairo. Between 2005 and 2015, this was mainly done abroad, from China to Peru, from Malta to Uganda. Since 1998, Joop has contributed to management development at a variety of companies, such as ABN AMRO, Shell, and Unilever. He has been responsible for management at the Business Ethics Network of the Netherlands, the Society for Organisational Learning, NL, and Transparency International, NL.

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Expertise / Subjects
Corporate Social Responsibility, Change Management, Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, International Relations, Organisational Development.