Student Support Team

Lucy Omwoha, MSc, Lecturer & Project Week Coordinator

Lucy Omwoha, MSc, is a research student at the School of Sport and Service Management, University of Brighton, UK. She completed her undergraduate studies in International Business Management in 2012 and master's studies in International Event Management in 2014. She is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Brighton. With six years of experience as an educator,… read more.

Sophia Faraji, MSc

Sophia Faraji, MSc, read more.

Waleed Jawaid, MSc

Waleed Jawaid, MSc, completed his bachelor's and master's degrees from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. He is mainly responsible for the timetabling for the academic year. He uses the schools resources to the fullest and ensures they are used efficiently and effectively.

Ahlam Garni, MSc

Ahlam Garni, MSc, Registry and Immigration Administrator, is responsible for Study Visa Application (TEV Application) for prospective students as well as Study Residence Permit extension applications for current students at Wittenborg. She is also involved in the communication with the Dutch Immigration Office (IND) in relation to students' queries during their stay in the… read more.

Mulenga Shabani, IBA

Mulenga Shabani, IBA, is Wittenborg's Support Office & ICT Support Assistant. He has an IBA degree specialising in Information Management from WUAS.