Student Support Team

Lucy Omwoha, MSc, Lecturer & Project Week Coordinator

Lucy Omwoha, MSc, is a research student at the School of Sport and Service Management, University of Brighton, UK. She completed her undergraduate studies in International Business Management in 2012 and master's studies in International Event Management in 2014. She is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Brighton. With six years of experience as an educator,… read more.

Mariví Martinez Brocca, MSc, Lecturer & Process Tutor

Marivi Martinez Brocca, MSc, graduated in Law and, despite originally intending to become a tax inspector, she changed her professional direction to work as a language teacher. She has taught in Spain, the French Antilles, Portugal and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, she has taught in various institutions and private schools, such as the Hogeschool voor Economische… read more.

Sophia Faraji, Student Support Coordinator

Sophia Faraji holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication Management from Wittenborg. She also gained a bachelor’s degree in English teaching in Iran. She started at Wittenborg as an intern in the position of Front Desk Assistant. After her graduation, Sophia started working at Wittenborg as a student support coordinator. Sophia is responsible for managing… read more.

Yasir Khan, MBA, MSc, ICT Administrator

Yasir Khan, MBA, MSc, has completed his first master's (MSc in Mobile & Satellite Communication) in 2009, in the UK. Arriving in the Netherlands in 2016, he read his second master's (MBA in General Management) from Wittenborg. He has over 10 years of professional experience in Databases and Software Development. Additionally, he has 5+ years of experience in Education… read more.

Vikram Athavale, MBA

Vikram Athavale, MBA, graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Symbiosis College, Pune and holds a Postgrad Diploma in Marketing. He previously has worked in the service industry, with some of the largest Telecom and Internet Service providers. Vikram has also 7 years of work experience in the field of banking and insurance. He has expertise in managing and supporting… read more.

Iryna Bernatska, MSc, MA

Iryna Bernatska, MSc, MA, is a double master's degree holder in International & Digital Communication (NL & UK) and a master's degree holder in International Relations (UA) with over 10 years of work experience. Iryna is Campus Manager in Amsterdam and makes sure that all processes run smoothly and staff members and interns get guidance when needed. She supports… read more.