Sophia Faraji

Sophia Faraji, Student Support Coordinator

Support Office and Student Career Coordinator

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Monday to Friday


Sophia Faraji holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication Management from Wittenborg. She also gained a bachelor’s degree in English teaching in Iran. She started at Wittenborg as an intern in the position of Front Desk Assistant. Currently, Sophia is Support Office and Student Career Coordinator at Wittenborg. She is responsible for managing Wittenborg’s front desk and assisting Wittenborg students with academic- and non-academic questions. Next to that Sophia is also responsible for coordinating the international partnerships at Wittenborg. She has three years of experience as an International Sales Marketing Manager in one of the most reputable educational companies in Iran, and also managed the company's international communications for a year. Sophia also has experience in managing and leading travel tours.

Expertise / Subjects

Student Support

Front Desk

Customer Management

International Communications Management

International Sales

Tour Management