Management Support Team

Ben Prins

Ben Prins has years of experience in middle and higher management in various branches in the Netherlands and abroad. His network covers industries such as manufacturing, packaging, food, metal, automotive, hospitality, event, tourism, robotics, and many more. Creation of business opportunities by working with branch organisations/platforms is one of his main business development specialisations.  

Harry Maatjes

Harry Maatjes graduated in Mechanical Engineering and has been working in various companies, mainly in the field of environmental issues. Harry specialized in non-production management, like quality, business start-ups, licencies, after-sales service and finance. In 2003 he joined Wittenborg as a teacher in SME modules, finance and law. On occasion, he gives seminars on subjects of the professional aspects of modern business. From 2008 on he is a member of Wittenborg’s Trust with quality, finance and accreditation as fields of interest. Harry now owns a small company, which specializes in environmental issues, like odour reduction and elimination of pollution from factories, large kitchens and petrochemical industry.

Daphne Xin Wang

Daphne Xin Wang is born and raised in Beijing, China. In 1996 she came to Nederland to study economy in Saxion Highschool, After graduation, she worked in different companies as financial administration employee. She built up a lot of experience in finance areas. At Wittenborg she is responsible for financial planning and all the operational financial work.

Samantha Birdsall

Samantha Birdsall is studying to become a primairy school teacher and next to that she does administrative work for Wittenborg University. She works from her home in Bathmen most of the time.

Anesca Smith

Anesca Smith is a journalist, business graduate and qualified chef. Before moving to the Netherlands she worked as a senior political reporter in South Africa and also as a foreign correspondent in London, the UK. She joined Wittenborg’s marketing team in 2014 after obtaining a Bachelor degree in International Business Administration in 2013. 

Sanne de Jong

Sanne de Jong - has a positive, social, cheerful character. Sanne has gained experience in Business development, Talent management, Emergency Logistics and Quality management. Her experience with people around the world has given her the opportunity to learn about communication with all sorts of people. Her way of working reflects a sense of organisation development with a human touch.

Sinem Gulsen

Sinem Gulsen has worked for Wittenborg from 2005 until 2010. She worked at the International Office, did Management Assistance among other things and was Marketing & PR Officer for the largest part. Sinem came back in 2016 to fulfil the position of Senior Communication Officer.

Myra Qiu

Myra Qiu started working at Wittenborg since February 2014 as an internship at the beginning and became a full-time employee since April 2015. At the moment, she is working on Marketing and Communication, Event Management, Admonition and Sales, China Desk and Process Tutor.