Tim Birdsall

Tim Birdsall
Sales Director
Country of Origin
UK & Switzerland
By Appointment

Tim Birdsall is a trainer. His main training language is English, although he regularly trains in German for his long-term clients. Tim has worked as a professional trainer since 1999, and started working as a teacher in 1995.

In 2020, Tim’s main Clients were Henkel, Daikin, Span and Dynatrace. Tim is professionally motivated by pragmatic training designs. Blended learning methods, webinars, coaching and usage of technology to create a blended learning experience are key elements of every engagement.

He works mainly in Europe, and his world-wide experience has given him access to a multinational network of like-minded trainers that often work together. 

Professional Expertise

Pipeline management software (sales related crm, opportunity or lead management tools)

Psychometric tools (Belbin, Insights, MBTI)

Presentation & Communication skills