The International Academic Advisory Panel

The International Academic Advisory Panel (IAAP) consists of 10 persons representing professors from 6 business schools in 4 countries and 3 (three) continents. Two members are also members of the Advisory Board. These well-established scholars provide valuable input on the trends in educations and the various existing programmes at WUAS. 

The Panel is chaired by WUAS Vice President of Academic Affairs, Timothy Mescon.

The current members of the WUAS IAAP are: 

  1. Professor Peter van der Sijde, Professor of Faculty of Science, Business & Innovation and the Faculty of Social Science, Organization, Entrepreneurship and Technology, Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  2. Dr. Brigitte Nicolaud, Director Teaching and Learning, Aston Business School, UK. 
  3. Professor Beatrice van der Heijden, Professor of Strategic HRM, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. 
  4. Professor Leo Paul Dana, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Montpellier, France and New Zealand. 
  5. Professor Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, Professor of Marketing, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. 
  6. Professor Ed G.J. Vosselman, Radboud University Nijmegen School of Management Professor of Accounting (Accounting, particularly Management Accounting and Control, Accounting and Trust, Preformance Management, Management and Organization, MBA-Programs).
  7. Professor Petra de Weerd-Nederhof, Dean of Science Faculty, Open Universiteit.
  8. Dr. Susana Menendez, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the University of the Arts The Hague, Vice-president of the National Committee Code of Conduct International Students, Spokesperson for Buenos Aires in Amsterdam, Vice-president Supervisory Board at HZ University of Applied Sciences, Member Supervisory Board ROC van Amsterdam, Flevoland.
  9. Professor Marina Dabic, Professor of Entrepreneurship and International Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia.
  10. Professor Chris Pole, PhD Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Sociology, University of Brighton.

The International Academic Advisory Panel will further strengthen the academic oversight of WUAS and will focus on the evaluation of (new) education programmes, input on trends and new developments in management education and research, education strategy, accreditations and special WUAS educational issues. Each meeting agenda will include at least 2 of the above listed agenda items. The IAAP will meet twice a year in person or through MS Teams. 

Brigitte Nicoulaud, PhD

Brigitte Nicoulaud, PhD, member of the International Academic Advisory Panel, received her MBA and PhD from the French business school Bradford. Her experience encompasses teaching, advising, and education in management. She taught advertising in the programs of Aston MBA and Executive Education. She is a specialist in MBA, post-experience and PG. Experienced in… Read More.

Carol Kaufman-Scarborough. PhD

Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, PhD, has taught at the Camden Campus of Rutgers University for over 30 years. She is a committed teacher, author, and advocate for her students as a marketing professor at the School of Business. Following her role as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies at the School of Business, in addition to her research and teaching… Read More.

Marina Dabić, PhD.

Marina Dabić, PhD, is a fully tenured Professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, Croatia, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia and the University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business. From 2013-2021, she had a dual affiliation with Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. Professor Dabić is Strategic chair for all accreditations at… Read More.

Prof. Dr Peter van der Sijde

Prof. dr. Peter van der Sijde, member of the International Academic Advisory Panel, is emeritus professor of Organisation, Entrepreneurship and Technology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. For many years, he was the Academic Director of the Master SBI (Science Business & Innovation) programme. His research focuses on knowledge transfer, emerging domains, the… Read More.

Prof. Dr Ed Vosselman

Prof. Dr Ed Vosselman, member of the International Academic Advisory Panel, finished his career at Radboud University in the Netherlands where he obtained the position of Emeritus Professor in 2019. He has published in leading scientific journals, amongst them Accounting, Organizations and Society; Human Relations; Journal of Business Ethics; Read More.

First and Last Name, Degree Title(s), Position

Prof. Beatrice I.J.M. Van der Heijden, PhD, member of Wittenborg's International Academic Advisory Panel, is professor of Strategic HRM at Radboud University's Institute for Management Research in Nijmegen and Head of the Department Strategic HRM. Moreover, she is Chair of Strategic HRM at the Open University of the Netherlands, Ghent University in Belgium, Hubei University in… Read More.

Leo Dana, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Leo Dana, PhD, Senior Lecturer of Applied Sciences, started at Wittenborg in 2019. Previously, he was an employee of McGill University and Concordia in Montreal, Canada, and deputy director of the IB MBA at Nanyang, Singapore. He is also Professor at Montpellier Business School, France, and a member of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation chair, which is part of LabEx… Read More.