Registry Team

Florian Oosterberg, MA, Student Registrar

Florian Oosterberg, MA, is Wittenborg's Student Registrar and manages the Admissions, Registry, Exam Results and Finance Department to ensure transparent, smooth admissions and registration process for all students at Wittenborg. Florian joined Wittenborg in 2014 at the Admissions department and has been closely involved in international… read more.

Dulsha Fernandes, MBA, Manager Student Finance

Dulsha Fernandes, MBA, holds a BSc in Computation and Management, an MBA in General Management, and a professional qualification in HRM. Initially she comes from a financial background, having worked previously in a national and an international bank. Dulsha was a key member of the risk and compliance team working closely with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in terms of… read more.

Sinan Colasan, MA, MSc, Registry Administrator

Sinan Colasan, MA, MSc, has over 14 years of professional full-time work experience in the public and private sectors, including 6 years of experience in the management of EU-funded social development projects in Turkey and Cyprus, and 7 years of experience as a public officer in the Turkish government. He started working at Wittenborg in 2018. Sinan's main… read more.

Babak Moghadam, MSc

Babak Moghadam, MSc, is Wittenborg's Student Registry Administration and Examination Administration Coordinator. He is a master's graduate with more than 5 years' professional work experience. His experience covers a variety of fields related to engineering, sales, digital marketing and communication in various countries including the Netherlands, Austria and Iran.… read more.

Sophia Faraji, Student Support Coordinator

Sophia Faraji holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication Management from Wittenborg. She also gained a bachelor’s degree in English teaching in Iran. She started at Wittenborg as an intern in the position of Front Desk Assistant. After her graduation, Sophia started working at Wittenborg as a student support coordinator. Sophia is responsible for managing… read more.

Sadaf Sakhi, Student Registry Administrator

Sadaf Sakhi is Wittenborg's Student Registry Administrator and manages all enrolments, insurances and DUO-related tasks. In 2013, she started her studies as Management Assistant. During her last year studying, she started working as an intern at Wittenborg, in 2015. After graduating Sadaf became a full-time employee at Wittenborg, in 2016. She started at the Front Office,… read more.

Mahesan Suntharesan, Immigration Administrator

Mahesan Suntharesan is Wittenborg's Immigration Administrator, responsible for immigration-related queries, including requests for Study Visa (MVV) for prospective students and extensions of  Study Residence Permits for current students. He is also in charge of maintaining effective communication with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) in… read more.