Wittenborg Students Urged to Take Part in One of World's Biggest Surveys on Entrepreneurship

Students at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences have until 30 June, 2021, to take part in what is to be one of the largest entrepreneurship research projects in the world, the GUESSS. The aim is to gain insight into student entrepreneurship, both from an academic and practical point of view - something business students at Wittenborg will definitely benefit from.

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Wittenborg MBA Student Opens Online Business-to-Business Food Shop

It was with great pride that Wittenborg MBA student Linda Setiawati recently opened her own online shop, Tokopoint, selling Asian food supplies both to other businesses and directly to consumers. But she said her struggle to find information about the practicalities of importing to Europe points to a gap between what international entrepreneurs like her learn in theory and the realities of actually starting an import business.

Commencement Speaker Marc van Gerrevink Encourages Graduates to Consider Career in Recycling

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wittenborg's latest group of graduates could not walk across the stage last Friday to collect their diplomas or even throw their caps in the air. What they did get, however, was some sound advice from this year's keynote speaker, Marc van Gerrevink – a young, successful business owner from Apeldoorn, who shared some of the tough lessons he learned on the road to having a thriving company.

The Art of Re-Inventing your Business in a Pandemic - Lessons from the Trenches

How many CEOs do you know would swallow their pride and start selling cookies door-to-door when their thriving business takes a temporary hit due to COVID-19? This is exactly what Israeli entrepreneur Tal Zilberberg did the past year, and in the process learned many lessons which he recently shared with students from Wittenborg's Munich partner, New European College, as part of a Project Week guest lecture.

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Expert on Migrant Entrepreneurship Shares Insight at Wittenborg Amsterdam

A European expert on migrant entrepreneurs, Dr Issac Acheampong, recently gave a guest seminar to undergraduate and MBA students at Wittenborg Amsterdam. Acheampong is the Program Manager of the European Regional Development Funds Program (ERDF) at the Amsterdam City Council. He has more than 20 years' experience working with migrant entrepreneurs in areas that have been targeted by the EU for urban renewal. The seminar was for the course Entrepreneurial Behaviour in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Warehouse Expert Happy to Share Knowledge with Amsterdam Students

Dutch warehouse expert, Emiel van Gijzen, shared his tricks of the trade with entrepreneurial students from Wittenborg Amsterdam during a recent Procurement and Production seminar in the capital city. Van Gijzen has worked for big logistics companies like DHL, XPO and Panalpina, and has 25 years' experience in warehouse management.

Norwegian Student Launches Beauty Company

Norwegian Student, Hanne Garnvik, has grown up learning all the beauty secrets of Norwegian women. Now she wants to share the Scandinavian skin-care routine with the rest of the world by starting a franchise business with exclusive rights to sell all-natural skin-care products in the Netherlands and Belgium from award-winning Norwegian brand Marina Miracle.