Expert on Migrant Entrepreneurship Shares Insight at Wittenborg Amsterdam

Managers of Amsterdam City Part of Discussion at Wittenborg Amsterdam on Supporting Migrant Entrepreneurship

A European expert on migrant entrepreneurs, Dr Issac Acheampong, recently gave a guest seminar to undergraduate and MBA students at Wittenborg Amsterdam. Acheampong is the Program Manager of the European Regional Development Funds Program (ERDF) at the Amsterdam City Council. He has more than 20 years' experience working with migrant entrepreneurs in areas that have been targeted by the EU for urban renewal. The seminar was for the course Entrepreneurial Behaviour in Amsterdam Zuidoost.


Using migrant start-ups in Amsterdam Zuidoost as a case study, Dr. Acheampong led the students through a thoughtful discussion about the motives, inventiveness and behaviours of migrant entrepreneurs. During the seminar, students were able to ask about various interventions and initiatives the local government has taken to facilitate the growth of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Acheampong introduced the students to the “Strategic Framework Growth Model", which is the underlying model for initiating and implementing successful entrepreneurial projects in the area. Not only did the audience include EBA & MBA students, but a few city managers were also on hand to take part in the discussion on how the city can best stimulate and support ethnic entrepreneurship.   


Regarding his experience, Dr. Acheampong said, "It was a pleasure to engage with a multicultural, bright and talented group of Bachelor and MBA students, and I was impressed by their keen interest in starting up their own business. The entire experience was highly memorable and productive, and I strongly look forward to the next engagement."

WUP 8/12/2019
by James Wittenborg
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